UK Business Angels, Small Investors, Crowdfund Together on SyndicateRoom

Syndicate RoomNow in the UK, smaller investors will be able to invest their money together with an exclusive group of private investors.   SyndicateRoom (SR) has created  a ‘crowdfunding’ system for investing thanks to a partnership with Cambridge Capital Group (CCG), an exclusive group of private investors and a top UK Business Angel networks.

Gonçalo de VasconcelosWith the SyndicateRoom equity crowdfunding platform, smaller investors that are members can invest from £500 upwards directly into Business Angel investments together with CCG members who potentially invest several hundreds of thousands of pounds. While SR members will not be able to influence the companies’ strategy, the investors will be making the same profit pound for pound as the larger investors – if the business succeeds. Depending on their personal circumstances, both SyndicateRoom and CCG members can benefit from tax reliefs such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) which can provide significant tax benefits.

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, founder of, says:

 “Until now, if you wanted to invest in start-ups, you had two very different avenues: youeither belonged to ultra-exclusive angel networks to have access to the top start-ups, or you would invest through crowd funding platforms in all sort of start-ups. We thought we would change Struan McDougall Cambridge Capital Groupthat by giving smaller investors the opportunity to co-invest with Business Angels in the most ambitious start-ups – an innovation in crowd funding called Syndicate Funding”.

Struan McDougall, CEO of Cambridge Capital Group, explains why wealthy individuals are open to the idea of smaller investors to invest in the same deal:

 “Our members already share many deals with other Business Angels networks, but Syndicate Room platform will allow us to close rounds quicker and with a wider range of investors which is great news for entrepreneurs and investors”.


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