Potato Salad Closes on Kickstarter Over $55,000

Potato Salad

It has finally come to an end. The crowdfunding campaign of the moment “Potato Salad” closed on Saturday having raised $55,492 from 6,911 backers.  The campaign had launched with a goal of raising $10.  Somehow this batch of Potato Salad was special as it quickly became an internet legend as the campaign went viral capturing media attention from around the globe.  Campaign creator Zack “Danger” Brown certainly had no idea what he started when he launched his campaign back on July 3rd.

Kickstarter Potato SaladThe campaign had its detractors as some questioned funding a campaign that was so superfluous while others just embraced the irony of it all.  Zack has even announced “PotatoStock2014” – a giant Potato Salad themed event scheduled for Columbus this coming September.

Zack Danger BrownWhen asked what he was going to do with all of the money raised Zack clarified on his campaign page;

“…We are going to contribute a significant portion of the remaining money to the fund at the Columbus Foundation. This will create a permanent fund to help Central Ohio’s non-profits end hunger and homelessness. These types of funds gain interest every year and grow over time, so, while our little internet joke will one day be forgotten, the impact will be felt forever.

We believe that humor plays a big role in making the world a better place. We plan to use some of the profit from this campaign to start an LLC, pay web hosting and buy / rent production equipment to continue making content. Our LLC will be a for-profit venture and its goal will be to spread humor and joy around the world.

We will update all backers with the exact amount of money that is spent on both the for-profit and non-profit entities. Ultimately, our goal is to be as transparent as possible!

OK, I love you all! Thank you so much for supporting us! I’m so happy we all got to laugh together. See you at PotatoStock 2014.”

Indiegogo Potato SaladZacks Potata Salad success has spawned a legion of copycat campaigns.  Just search Kickstarter today and their are 176 crowdfunding campaigns using the search term Potato Salad.  Not to be outdone – Indiegogo mysteriously has quite a few Potato Salad crowdfunding campaigns on their site too.  Perhaps we will see a crowdfunding vertical for Potato Salad?

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