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Potato Salad Kickstarter Creator Begins Shipment of Cookbooks

Zack “Danger” Brown, the creator of the 2014 Potato Salad Kickstarter, announced last week his cookbook, The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook, is now being shipped to backers. In July, Brown stated the cookbook, which was co-written with Teresa Blackburn, was created for those who pitched in… Read More

Creator of Potato Salad Kickstarter Releases New Cookbook

Just two years after he famously launched a Kickstarter campaign to make… a potato salad… Zack “Danger” Brown has made his return to the public with his new cookbook, The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook.  The cookbook, which was co-written with Teresa Blackburn, was offered to… Read More

April Fools! Top 5 Crowdfunding Projects That Seemed Almost Too Good To Be True

Happy April! You know what that means – warmer weather, flowers blooming… practical jokes. On April 1st (known as April Fool’s Day) more pranks are pulled on and offline. With that said, I would like to share my favorite, funny and incredibly “Is this for real?”… Read More

Creator of Potato Salad Kickstarter Holds PotatoStock 2014: Check Out Pictures!

Over the past weekend, Ohio resident and creator the famous Potato Salad Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Zach “Danger” Brown, hosted PotatoStock 2014 in the state’s capital to give back to the Central Ohio homeless community. The free event featured performances by five bands, food trucks, and over… Read More

Creator of Kickstarter Hit Potato Salad Preps For PotatoStock By Heading to Idaho For Cooking Classes

While making preparations for the upcoming PotatoStock event in Columbus, creator of Potato Salad crowdfunding campaign shared he has traveled to Idaho to participate in VIP cooking lessons. According to a local report, Zach Brown had a chance to see the biggest potato in the “Gem” state, carried… Read More

Compete: Kickstarter Gets Potato Salad Traffic Bump in July

Digital intelligence company Compete recently published a post noting that in the month of July Kickstarter experienced a surge in traffic.  And what say you was the cause?  Potato Salad of course. Yes it is true.  But this should not be surprising as we have… Read More

Potato Salad Campaign Creator Uses Funds For Upcoming Charity Festival in Ohio

Last month, Columbus, Ohio resident Zach “Danger” Brown launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to make potato salad. Originally setting out with an initial goal of $10, the project immediately hit the spotlight and raised over $55,000 from 6,911 backers. Now Brown is… Read More

Potato Salad is the 4th Most Viewed Project Page in Kickstarter’s History

Well I am not quite certain what I think about this statistic.  Is this a comment on Kickstarter? Going viral on the internet? Or the love of Potato Salad?  So the Potato Salad crowdfunding campaign is the 4th most viewed crowdfunding campaign ever on the… Read More

Is Kickstarter Getting Too Relaxed in its Standards?

Kickstarter has always prided itself on vetting its crowdfunding campaigns, as well as its ability to detect and remove fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns quickly. While that may have been the case in the past, some recent campaigns signal that Kickstarter might be getting a little too… Read More

Potato Salad Closes on Kickstarter Over $55,000

It has finally come to an end. The crowdfunding campaign of the moment “Potato Salad” closed on Saturday having raised $55,492 from 6,911 backers.  The campaign had launched with a goal of raising $10.  Somehow this batch of Potato Salad was special as it quickly… Read More

Fundrazr: Potato Salad Kickstarter Funds Could Be Used to Change Lives (Infographic)

The Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign has quickly become an internet meme and will soon become an urban legend.  The thought that a $10 crowdfunding campaign to make … Potato Salad.. could raise over $40,000 (and depending on the time and day much more) is pretty… Read More

Update: Potato Salad Rallies After Phantom Backers Loss & Now Over $59,000

Continuing to be a huge hit on Kickstarter, Zack Danger Brown’s “Potato Salad” crowdfunding campaign has surprisingly reached $59,618 from 4,839 backers within 6 days of its launch. As previously reported, the project struggled a bit after a lofty fundraising amounts tens of thousands of dollars… Read More

Pledges Boost Potato Salad Campaign to Over $40K but then Declines.

Crowdfunding Campaign for Potato Salad Rockets to Over $40,000 – Only to Drop Back Down to a Still Incredible $27,000. Columbus, Ohio resident Zack Danger Brown certainly never expected this type of success when he launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to… Read More

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