StartEngine: Our Goal is to Help 5000 Companies Raise Capital in Next 5 Years

jetpack-aviation-2StartEngine is a FINRA regulated, Reg CF funding portal that also lists Reg A+ issuers and the occasional accredited crowdfunding offer (Reg D 506c). The platform has helped to raise almost $25 million this year for early stage companies.  Perhaps the most prominent offer to close on the crowdfunding platform is Elio Motors – a company that raised almost $17 million and then went on to list on OTC Markets following its crowdfunding round thus providing immediate liquidity for early investors.

In a recent email, Howard Marks, StartEngine co-founder and Executive Chairman, stated their objective is to;

help 5,000 companies raise capital in the next 5 years, and we’re well on our way.”  

They plan on launching 10 new companies the month of December alone.

The statement by StartEngine is certainly ambitious. Under Reg CF, 66 companies have filed to use the exemption since it became actionable in May 2016.  Reg A+ has had a bit more time to mature with a recent report stating that 131 companies have filed under Reg A+ as of June 2016. It will be interesting to see if StartEngine can fund 5,000 companies in 5 years – an achievement that would represent a dramatic increase in the number of companies  online. If they can do it, it will certainly be a boon for the US economy. We all know that small business is the engine of economic growth and the creators over more than 70% of all new jobs.

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