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Reg CF: Where on Earth Are All the Form C-AR Filings?

Look, I’m the CEO of an equity crowdfunding company, so believe me when I say that I want Regulation Crowdfunding [Reg CF] to work. But I’m deeply concerned that an apparent recent trend of non-compliance with SEC filing requirements could erode investor trust and pose… Read More

The Death Trap: How Startups Risk It All to Go Public

  My father-in-law always used to say, “If you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” Well, increasingly, it seems many founders – and their early investors – are discovering how painfully true that is, as the promise of an early IPO turns into… Read More

Perspective: Why I Believe Reg CF Offerings Shouldn’t Be on Founder Websites

When the JOBS Act passed in 2012, and the Regulation Crowdfunding Exemption (Reg CF) was introduced in 2015, many, including myself, saw it as a step-change toward democratizing access to capital. Suddenly, founders had a new avenue to seek funding for their businesses, even those… Read More

StartEngine Closes Funding Round at Over $24.5 Million, Announces New Accredited Offerings

StartEngine has closed its most recent self-crowdfunding round, having raised over $24.5 million. The Reg A+ securities offering was for equity in the investment platform. StartEngine was selling its shares at a pre-money valuation of $1.32 billion. In the hours just prior to the funding… Read More

Squaring the Circle: Exclusivity in Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF)

There’s no question that by allowing entrepreneurs to raise capital from a broad investor base, Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) has transformed the landscape of small business financing. But recently, some in the industry, including several prominent crowdfunding platforms, have started to question exactly how broad… Read More

A bit late, StartEngine’s Acquisition of SeedInvest Approved by Regulators

It seems regulators took their time in reviewing and approving, StartEngine’s acquisition of SeedInvest.  The deal between the two OG online investment platforms was announced in 2022 as StartEngine paid $24 in shares to purchase the full-stack securities crowdfunding platform. SeedInvest had previously been acquired… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: Broker Dealer? Funding Portal? What is the difference?

Video: Key Questions for a Securities Crowdfunding Round. If you are raising money in a securities crowdfunding offering, you have multiple options as to how you pursue a funding round. First, you choose a securities exemption; Reg CF, Reg A+, or Reg D 506c. Reg… Read More

More Details on StartEngine Acquisition of SeedInvest: Purchased for $24 Million

Yesterday it was announced that StartEngine had entered into an agreement to purchase SeedInvest. Following a typical regulatory review, StartEngine will soon own substantially all of SeedInvest’s assets, including its database of registered investors. SeedInvest is currently owned by Circle, which purchased the company in… Read More

Huge: StartEngine Acquires SeedInvest from Circle

In a seismic shift of consolidation, StartEngine has announced the acquisition of SeedInvest. While exact terms were not immediately available, StartEngine stated that Circle (owner of SeedInvest) will become a minority shareholder of StartEngine. StartEngine is one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the… Read More

StartEngine and Rewards Platform Indiegogo Announce Partnership

StartEngine, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has announced a partnership with rewards platform Indiegogo. According to a release, the “exclusive” deal will facilitate the “full life cycle of capital from the crowd.” Becky Center, the CEO of Indiegogo, stated that… Read More

StartEngine Tops $5 Million in Most Recent Reg A+ Offering

StartEngine, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US, has surpassed $5 million in funding for its newest self-crowdfunded offering, according to an email. StartEngine has pursued multiple Reg A+ offerings in recent years to raise growth capital. In total, StartEngine has raised… Read More

After Raising Almost $30 Million, StartEngine Plans Another Self-Crowdfunding Round in 2022

StartEngine, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US, is planning another self-crowdfunding round at some point in 2022. This will follow a successful offering that was completed at the end of 2021 where StartEngine raised $29.4 million leveraging the Reg A+ exemption…. Read More

StartEngine Reports $2 Million Net Income for First 6 Months of 2021

StartEngine, a leading US based investment crowdfunding platform, held a webinar today to discuss the performance of its business. Hosted by co-founder and CEO Howard Marks, he shared some updated financial metrics on platform performance. StartEngine is in the midst of a Reg A+ securities… Read More

Are NFTs Securities? OMG!

On March 11th, Beeple became the third highest-paid living artist with a $69M sale of one of his works as an NFT, a non-fungible token on the blockchain. This sale is one of many at the front of NFTs, blockchain’s latest hype machine of digital… Read More

StartEngine’s Secondary Market to Launch this Friday

  StartEngine, a leading securities crowdfunding platform, has announced that it will fire up its secondary marketplace for crowdfunded securities this coming Friday, (October 30). StartEngine started the process to launch “StartEngine Secondary” years ago. A pre-cursor to receiving approval to operate an “alternative trading… Read More

StartEngine Shares Details on Launch of Secondary Marketplace, Sees Opportunity in Europe

StartEngine is a leading investment crowdfunding platform in the US. Last August, StartEngine announced that it had topped $200 million in funding having only surpassed $100 million in July of 2019 – after having launched in 2015. During 2019, StartEngine raised about $44 million –… Read More

StartEngine Forms Partnership with Jamestown Invest to Offer Real Estate Securities Under Reg A+

StartEngine, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the US, has formed a partnership with Jamestown Invest to facilitate real estate investment opportunities. According to a release,  the new online real estate investment vehicle will offer property investments under Reg A+. Reg A+ is a… Read More

A Discussion with StartEngine CEO Howard Marks

StartEngine is one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US by funds raised. A full stack platform, StartEngine is raising capital under Reg CF, Reg A+ and, in the past, under Reg D. But the platform’s vision for the future of online capital… Read More

Mr. Wonderful: Kevin O’Leary Becomes Advisor to Crowdfunding Platform StartEngine

StartEngine. a full stack crowdfunding platform, has added Kevin O’Leary as a strategic advisor. O’Leary has become well known in the US as one of the “Sharks” on CNBC’s Shark Tank show – affectionately referred to as “Mr. Wonderful.” StartEngine says that as well as… Read More

StartEngine Summit: Are Security Tokens the Future of Crypto?

The StartEngine Summit entitled “Tokenizing the World” took place in Santa Monica during LA Blockchain week this October. StartEngine, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, focused most of the conference on the future of crypto and securities issued on the blockchain. As… Read More

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