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ICOs: The Dual Token Conundrum

It is clear that the SEC is going to do an enforcement action against a number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and the people who are selling utility tokens to investors for Bitcoin or Ether cryptocurrencies. Most ICOs are conducted by companies that have not… Read More

First Regulated Initial Coin Offering Conference ICO 2.0 Summit Dives Deep into ICO Legal, Regulatory & Economic Implications

On Friday, November 10, 2017, StartEngine, a Regulation Crowdfunding platform based in Los Angeles, California organized ICO 2.0 Summit, the first regulated ICO conference – or at least the first that I’ve seen. While there seem to be an explosion of ICO and Blockchain-related conferences… Read More

The SEC, the ICO and Avoiding the ICU: A Call for Leadership and Action

As a securities lawyer and a sometimes advocate for smart regulation of capital formation, I must confess: When it comes to addressing the current state of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketplace, I believe that market participants face a crisis of growing proportions. No Hype… Read More

Initial Coin Offerings Need Governance Now

It is clear with the Tezos Greek tragedy, many Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investors are worried about investing in complex and sometimes shady structures. The founders visiting the Swiss city of Zug to set up their foundation may find their days numbered. The idea to… Read More

StartEngine’s Self Crowdfunding Campaign is Live. Platform Valued at $65 Million

Equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine officially launched their self-crowdfunding round this past Friday. The securities offer seeks a maximum funding goal of $5 million using Reg A+. Both accredited and non-accredited investors may participate in the funding round. StartEngine, one of the larger full stack (Reg… Read More

StartEngine Starts Accepting Submissions for Initial Coin Offerings

StartEngine has announced it has started to accept applications to list an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on its crowdfunding platform. The full stack crowdfunding platform publicly announced in August its intent to incorporate tokenized security offerings alongside more traditional types of securities. StartEngine enables companies… Read More

StartEngine Files to Raise $5 Million Reg A+ Crowdfunding Offer

StartEngine, one of the most active investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $5 million in common equity at $5 per share. The securities offer has been filed using the Reg A+ exemption and… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform StartEngine will Enter Initial Coin Offering Space

StartEngine Hops Aboard the ICO Freight Train. StartEngine is one of the more active investment crowdfunding platforms in the United States. A full stack crowdfunding platform, StartEngine offers securities under Reg CF, Reg A+ and Reg D (506c). StartEngine seeks to cater to early stage… Read More

StartEngine to Launch Secondary Market for Crowdfunded Securities

Tackling the exit challenge head on, investment crowdfunding platform StartEngine has announced the creation of a secondary market to buy and sell shares in Reg CF and Reg A+ securities. Reg CF, created by Title III of the JOBS Act, allows issuers the ability to… Read More

StartEngine: Our Goal is to Help 5000 Companies Raise Capital in Next 5 Years

StartEngine is a FINRA regulated, Reg CF funding portal that also lists Reg A+ issuers and the occasional accredited crowdfunding offer (Reg D 506c). The platform has helped to raise almost $25 million this year for early stage companies.  Perhaps the most prominent offer to close… Read More

StartEngine Comps All Campaign Production Costs for Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

StartEngine is continuing its aggressive strategy to incentivize early stage companies to raise capital via their crowdfunding platform. The LA based operation ratcheted up the marketing with announcement back in August qualifed campaigns may receive up to $50,000 for campaign marketing and promotions. Later that… Read More

StartEngine Announces Referral Contest: Winner to Receive Up to $40,000 in Cash & An Elio Car

StartEngine, one of the leading investment crowdfunding platforms in the U.S., announced the launch of its innovative investor referral competition, Refer And Earn. Starting today (September 27th), the first person to refer the most investors who join the website by December 31st will win a grand… Read More

Free of Charge: StartEngine Eliminates Fee to Crowdfund Under Reg CF

That’s right. StartEngine, one of the leading investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has eliminated the fee associated with raising capital under Reg CF.  Previously the platform charged a 5% service charge so if an issuer was raising $1 million they had to pay $50,000… Read More

StartEngine Announces Marketing Fund: Advances Qualified Companies Up to $50,000 For Campaign Marketing and Promotions

Seeking to help more campaign reach their funding goals, equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine recently announced the launch of its new Marketing Fund, which advances qualified companies up to $50,000 to put towards the marketing and promotion of their campaigns. The funding portal revealed: “We understand that… Read More

NextGen to Host Title III Celebration Series to Boost Awareness of Crowdfunding Rules

NextGen Crowdfunding announced this week that it will be holding a Title III Celebration Series that will include four online events in May and June that will build more awareness for the rules, which are going in effect on Monday (May 16th). Aubrey Chernick, founder… Read More

StartEngine Secures $5.5 Million in Funding from Aubrey Chernick’s SE Agoura Investment

  Investment crowdfunding platform StartEngine has announced a significant investment from SE Agoura Investment LLC, a company associated with Aubrey Chernick who is also the founder of NextGen Crowdfunding. According to the announcement, the new capital will be used to boost awareness and grow the equity crowdfunding… Read More

StartEngine Welcomes the Finalization of Title III Equity Crowdfunding Rules

On Friday, StartEngine announced its support for the finalized rules of JOBS Act’s Title III that allows non-accredited equity crowdfunding.  Startups and SMEs will soon be able to raise up to $1 million in equity funding. The SEC’s four commissioners voted 3-1 on Friday morning… Read More

Lack Focus? truBrain is an Alternative to Energy Drinks, Designed to Boost Productivity

truBrain is Equity Crowdfunding on Crowdfunder Now While I am a huge fan of caffeine I recognize that my favorite “supplement” has extreme limitations. Being awake does not equal being alert. Trust me, I know.  While there are plenty of trendy drinks that are high in… Read More

StartEngine Fires Up Equity Crowdfunding as Regulation A+ Allows Anyone to Invest

Los Angeles based StartEngine has launched its equity crowdfunding platform on the day that Regulation A+ now allows anyone to invest in early stage companies – not just the very rich.  According to company representatives, StartEngine will target aspiring investors – including North America’s over… Read More