P2P Lending Platform Robo.cash Announces Interest Rate Changes, Effective January 10, 2022

Croatian P2P lender Robo.cash notes in an update that rates will be changing starting from January 10, 2022.

As mentioned in a blog post by Robo.cash, the new interest rates “will range from 9% to 12.3%, and they will be directly related to the terms, as they were before.”

The updated detailed breakdown by loan terms and rates is available here.

As confirmed in the announcement, interest rates changes will “come into effect on January 10, 2022.” The Robocash team reminded users to adjust their investment portfolio settings to “get your funds invested properly.” And if you have any questions, you may contact the team at Robocash at  [email protected]

Robo.cash explains in a detailed guide that the dividends of financial investments are “always very attractive.” Most times, people invest because they “want to reap the same benefit someone else reaped, not because they want to put their money to good use.” Robo.cash has shared tips on “how to invest safely, basic risks involved with investing, what the risks entail and how to manage them.”

Robo.cash notes that peer-to-peer lending is “a model where potential investors are often linked to individuals who need to borrow money but cannot borrow from the bank because of low credit scores or no collateral.”

According to the team at Robo.cash, there are “several risks involved with peer-to-peer lending and the major one is defaulting by the debtors.”

Robocash pointed out that this is “very possible as most peer-to-peer activities are done in virtual space and there is a possibility of absconding by the debtor.”

It is important also to note that the “help of an expert would be much needed here as a lot of things can go wrong.” Before venturing into this as an investor, it is important “to do a thorough background check to choose the right lender,” Robo.cash recommends.

(Note: You may review the complete guide here from Robo.cash.)

As covered, Robo.cash revealed that in December 2021, their investors “funded €18 M loans.” The platform’s investor base was “replenished with 915 new customers.” December also brought investors “a record 544 thousand euros.”

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