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Robocash Research Indicates that European Investors Will Expand P2P Portfolios in 2024

Robocash investors positively assessed the results of the past year, according to the latest market research and analysis. Almost a third of respondents claim that they now plan “to increase their investment portfolios in 2024.” Robocash analysts questioned investors in order “to find out how… Read More

Sri Lanka Experiences Explosive Growth in Digital Lending, Report Says

Sri Lanka has seen an exponential increase in the use of online loan applications across the country, according to a report by online lender Robocash said. The user base for these digital lending services has seen a dramatic rise, skyrocketing from 10,600 in August 2021… Read More

European P2P Lending Market Is Expected to Continue Growing in 2024, Analysts at Robocash Claim

The European continental P2P lending market is “subject to localized randomness, especially in times of crises,” according to an update shared by Robocash. Robo.cash analysts studied “the exposure of the continental European P2P lending market to the randomization effect.” The analysis included 54 European platforms… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Reports €22M Invested, 392 New Clients, €754K Earned by Investors in Nov 2023

Robo.cash said it has closed out November with new milestones. Robo.cash noted that November 2023 brought them several new positive developments. They reached the mark of 35,000 investors and total investor earnings “crossed the €20M milestone.” According to insights shared by Robocash, the APAC region… Read More

London’s Wealthtech Velexa, UnaFinancial to Introduce Digital Investing Platform in the UAE

UnaFinancial, a Singapore-headquartered Fintech group (previously known as Robocash), has teamed up with Velexa, a UK-based wealthtech firm, in order to introduce a digital investing platform in the UAE. UnaFinancial and Velexa revealed that the collaboration aims to leverage Velexa’s expertise in investment tech and… Read More

P2P Investing Report: Funds Invested via European Peer to Peer Platforms Increased by 48% YoY, Reaching €300M Per Month in May 2023

Over the summer, the number of monthly visits to the most popular European continental P2P platforms grew by 22.5%, according to an update shared by UnaFinancial (formerly doing business as Robo.cash). The analysis of monthly traffic by UnaFinancial of the websites of leading European P2P… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Reports Solid Results, Key Changes in August 2023

Robocash notes that the month of July turned out to be “active,” which is reflected in the key monthly figures. For now, Robo.cash says they are still “keeping a low-key offer and waiting for updates from the business.” As covered, Robo.cash has announced upcoming changes… Read More

P2P Investment Platforms Are Now Satisfying Key Requirements, Metrics Significantly Faster, Analysis Reveals

P2P platforms used to take about 5 years to reach key metrics, whereas in current conditions, new companies need just 3 years to do so, according to a recent update shared by Robo.cash. Robocash platform analysts have reportedly looked into three parameters “as the main… Read More

P2P Lending, Risky Assets May Become Effective Strategy for Diversifying Investment Portfolios, Report Claims

P2P lending together with “risky assets” has all the potential to become an effective strategy for diversifying investment portfolios in terms of risk and return, according to an update from Robo.cash. Analysts of the Robo.cash platform have reportedly “studied multiple portfolio combinations using the Sharpe… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Claims that Net Wealth of Europeans has Increased Significantly

By the end of 2022, the value of net assets per average resident of Europe reached €50,000, according to an update from Robocash. According to a report from Robocash, the largest share is occupied “by conservative instruments with noticeably growing alternative sources of financing.” Analysts… Read More

Investment Platforms: Average Rate of Return via European P2P Market Continues to Increase, Report Claims

According to the results of June, the average rate of return on the European P2P market “was 10.4%, up 0.2% compared to May,” the team at Robocash noted in a blog post. The bond market also “showed positive shifts.” the Robo.cash team revealed in their… Read More

Global Investment Platform Robocash Group Announces H1 2023 Results

The first half of the year was a “busy” one for the RoboCash Group. The holding focused “on the expansion of the current business in the Philippines and Kazakhstan, as well as the systematic preparation for the opening of new markets.” As noted in a… Read More

European P2P Market Is Expected to Grow Steadily, According to Robocash Analysts

Over the past year, the European P2P market has strengthened and exhibited a trend towards moderate growth, according to an update shared by Robocash. As noted in a blog post by Robo.cash, a survey conducted in 2022 revealed that 43% of platform users indicated “that… Read More

European P2P Market Continues to Expand, with Declining Interest Rates: Robo.cash Report

As the European P2P market continues to expand, interest rates tend to go down, according to an update from Robo.cash. The analysts at Robo.cash platform consider this as certain patterns “that may continue in the long term.” The European P2P lending market is “growing at… Read More

Investment Platform Robo.cash to Focus on Digital Banking Initiatives in Asian Markets

Robo.cash claims that it sees strong potential for the Asian fintech market, which is already setting certain trends, according to an update from the firm. The parent holding of Robo.cash plans “to focus on digital banking” in Asian markets. During the Finfellas P2P conference in… Read More

P2P Investors Showing More Interest in ESG Policies, ‘Green’ Platforms, Robocash Claims

More than half of the surveyed investors pay attention to ESG policies when choosing a P2P platform, according to an update shared by Robo.cash. Almost one in four invest in “green” platforms, the team at Robocash reveals. Robo.cash conducted a survey “among European P2P investors… Read More

Investment Platform RoboCash Group Comments on Audited Financial Statements

Robocash Group recently commented on their latest audited financial statements for 2021-2022. Natalya Ischenko, CEO of Robocash Group, also spoke about the platform’s first results for 2023 and “shared the Group’s immediate plans.” As noted in a blog post by Robo.cash, there were around 30,000… Read More

European P2P Market Investment Opportunities Now Available in Multiple Jurisdictions Globally, Says Robo.cash

Investments from continental Europe are available in 112 different countries throughout the world, according to an update from Robo.cash. On the continent, Spain reportedly ranks first as an investment-attractive сountry. Outside of Europe, the United States leads the way, the team at Robo.cash notes in… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Reports €600M of Loans Originated Since Inception

After a “quiet” February, Robocash slightly increased volumes and continue “to provide you with a stable income.” The platform has reportedly “exceeded 600 M euros of purchased loans since the launch of Robo.cash.” Changes in the Refer a Friend Program From March 10, 2023, the… Read More

European P2P Platforms have Attracted $11.7B via 387 Funding Rounds Since 2005: Report

Over the past 17 years, European P2P platforms have “attracted more than $11 billion through funding rounds,” according to an update from Robo.cash. Robocash writes in a blog post that most of the money raised “comes towards the mixed sector of business and consumer lending.”… Read More

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