Analysts Provide Suggestions on Creating Investment Portfolios

A portfolio with an “optimal” risk-return ratio by the end of 2022 “could yield 13.7%,” according to an update from

Its largest share is allocated towards P2P lending, the team at Robocash wrote in a blog post.

In their latest study, Robocash investment platform analysts presented the “optimal” asset distribution in the investor’s portfolio “with the balance of risk and reward.” To сompile a forecast for 2022, the “best” extrapolations of assets “were taken using the Hodrick-Prescott filter.”

Thus, the first place among other instruments is occupied by P2P investments (35%).

“P2P lending fits into the acceptable risk level and offers higher returns than deposits and bonds,” according to platform specialists.

As noted by, bonds come second (23%), and ETF & REIT occupy the third place (17%). Cryptocurrency and futures “account for the smallest share among all assets (7% each).”

With this asset allocation, portfolio risk “could potentially be 11%.”

For comparison, the so-called aggressive approach “with a focus on maximum return involves investing in 100% risky assets, while the conservative strategy with the lowest income is backed by 90% risk-free instruments.”

As noted in the update from analysts:

“According to our calculations, the optimal portfolio consists of 42% of risky assets and 58% of low-risk assets. In this case, some instruments can balance out the fall of others, thereby increasing the total portfolio return and minimizing the likelihood of losses.”

In another recent update, noted that two months ago, they announced the integration of video onboarding on their platform.

By implementing this improvement, they aim to “protect the platform and your funds from the possible identity theft issue and any illegal activities.”

From April 20, new platform investors “began to go through automatic identity verification.”

On June 7, Robocash started to involve old clients in the procedure.

For more details on this update, check here.

As covered, it was only a year ago that the platform was joined by the Philippine originator UnaPay.

Presently, it is operating within the holding under the UnaCash brand.

The Robocash team noted that they are pleased to share the company results for the beginning of 2022.

Here are the main results shared by

  • The demand “drives the company’s surplus, and the high quality of borrowers and impressive collection rates remain.” As of February 2022, the average surplus at 60 days “was 43%, 11% more than in the last quarter of 2021.”
  • The share of overdue loans “is maintained at 11% FPD15+, which indicates the good quality of the company’s portfolio.”
  • Revenue shows “a rapid rise, as it almost doubled since the beginning of the year.”

Nikita Saigutin, CEO of UnaCash, said:

“In May, the Central Bank of the Philippines announced that it was following up on its plan to digitize 50% of all payment transactions by next year. We, in turn, see great potential in our resources to contribute to this solution. We have developed digital banking software, and UnaCash is now the 6th most popular app on Google Play in the Philippine finance segment. The beginning of the year showed that we reached a stable conversion rate. Now our focus is to expand the client base and to scale further in the Philippines.”

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