Naoris Protocol Teams Up with WACEO, a DAO focused Non-Profit Supporting Blockchain Platforms

Naoris Protocol, the blockchain and AI-based Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh that restores cybersecurity across all sectors of the economy, is announcing a partnership with WACEO, a non-profit specialized in governance, legal, and regulatory compliance “serving DeFi projects, DAOs, DEXs, and other Web3 projects across the globe.”

WACEO is “a unique organization bringing passion, diversity, and inclusion to Web3 through a majority female team, helping provide more opportunities for legal and Web 3 women leaders.”

WACEO’s mission is “to support blockchain-based projects to maintain a significant level of decentralization while aiding regulatory compliance, litigating against scammers, and lobbying for its legal recognition.”

WACEO’s aim is “to educate the DeFi sector on the importance of compliance and regulation across the blockchain industry which is crucial for longevity, fraud/scam prevention, and overall growth.”

Naoris Protocol is “scaling the Decentralized Cybersecurity Mesh to protect every device in the digital world, allowing networks to defend themselves from cyber-attacks using disruptive Swarm AI and Blockchain technology.”

Naoris Protocol is designed “to reduce cyber security risks and costs significantly, addressing the staggering $10 trillion global opportunity, which is the projected cost of cybercrime by 2025.”

By converting traditionally untrusted network devices into a swarm of cyber-trusted validator nodes, Naoris Protocol ‘makes networks stronger as they grow, not weaker.”

Powered by a tokenized cyber-secure machine-to-machine economy, single points of failure “are converted into multiple points of defense that identify risks in real time under consensus.”

Naoris Protocol “is also complementary — traditional cyber tools can operate freely without being in competition.”

The WACEO partnership is of particular interest to Naoris Protocol “as COO and Co-founder Monica Oravcova is a passionate evangelist and thought leader for women in deep tech.”

With 15+ years in IT and Cybersecurity for Telco, Finance, and Manufacturing, Monica has “led operations and executive teams for FTSE 100 clients AT&T, IBM, and Apple managing budgets over $100M.”

Naoris Protocol will “integrate its Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh with WACEO’s tech stack and future Web3 operations by providing a cyber-secure and validation layer across all devices.”

By securing cyber integrity, WACEO’s devices can “communicate securely and safely whilst being protected from the vulnerabilities that Web3 inherits from Web2 by default.

Here are some examples:

  • Account hijacking risks at the node, user, and exchange levels
  • API tampering risks
  • DOS/DDOS attacks, data corruption, or tampering with oracles
  • Internal threats to exchanges, oracles, protocols, bridges
  • Update poisoning
  • Evil maid attacks through hardware or firmware tampering
  • Identity and access management (IAM) vulnerabilities on nodes, users, oracles, bridges and servers
  • Advanced persistent threat risks and service provider attacks on oracles and nodes

Aleksa Mil, Managing Director at WACEO commented:

“We are elated to be partnering with Naoaris Protocol to utilize their technology to integrate cybersecurity in decentralized projects and ensure the protection of the community ultimately contributing towards the growth of Web3, while also instilling inclusivity by educating, training and creating opportunities for women in Web3.”

Monica Oravcova, COO, and Co-Founder of Naoris Protocol, said:

“I’m super excited Naoris Protocol is working with WACEO, as well as supporting their stellar work in the Web3 space assisting projects to navigate the governance, legal and regulatory landscape, I want to personally pledge my support to their future work to increase diversity and female inclusion in the tech space.”

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