European Alternative Investing Platform PeerBerry Funded €46.5M in Loans in October

Last month, PeerBerry marked its five years of operations.

The PeerBerry platform enters its sixth year of activities “with 61,174 verified investors and an outstanding portfolio of EUR 97 million.” In October, PeerBerry investors “funded EUR 46,5 million of loans. 1140 new investors joined the platform last month.”

Key figures at the end of October 2022 (vs. September 2022):

  • PeerBerry’s total portfolio at the end of October: EUR 96 983 816 (+1,6% ↑)
  • total loans funded (cumulative since inception): EUR 1 397 019 694 (+3,5% ↑)
  • the loan volume funded in October: EUR 46 489 628 (+3,6% ↑)
  • the interest earned by investors since inception: EUR 16 397 431 (+4% ↑)
  • the interest paid to investors in October: EUR 622 422
  • the average annual ROI in October: 11,09% (without loyalty interest)
  • the number of verified investors at the end of October: 61 174 (+1 140 ↑)

In October, PeerBerry business partners “repaid over EUR 1,8 million in war-affected loans.” Up to date, PeerBerry partners “have already covered 50% of war-affected obligations toward investors.”

PeerBerry will “process the nearest repayment of war-affected loans in mid-November.”

On November 4, PeerBerry’s business partner, renewable energy company Litelektra, “repaid a EUR 0.6 million loan to investors and paid EUR 17 075 in interest.”

Shortly, Litelektra will “offer investors other renewable energy projects to invest in.”

Litelektra is “a licensed independent renewable energy supplier with electricity supply agreements with state-owned companies.” Under agreements, these companies “purchase energy from Litelektra at an agreed price from 1 to 3 years (depending on the power plant).”

It guarantees Litelektra “constant and stable cash flows, and for investors, it ensures safe investments.”

Litelektra is “a Lithuanian company that aims to make the combination of renewable wind and solar energy more accessible by ensuring an entire cycle of stable and affordable energy throughout the year.”

In other updates from PeerBerry, the meeting with investors – the Independent Supervisory Board members – was held on Thursday, November 3.

War-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors:

  • Total war-affected obligations on February 24, 2022 – EUR 50+ M.
  • Aventus Group war-affected obligations – EUR 40+ M
  • Gofingo Group war-affected obligations – EUR 10+ M

Repaid war-affected obligations – EUR 25,1 M:

  • Aventus Group – EUR 21,5 M
  • Gofingo Group – EUR 3,6 M

Total remaining/outstanding war-affected obligations:

  • Aventus Group – EUR 18,9 M
  • Gofingo Group – EUR 6,6 M

Please note that PeerBerry business partners “repay war-affected loans every month.”

To date, PeerBerry’s business partners (all together) “have already repaid 25,15 million in war-affected loans, which is 50% of all war-affected obligations.”

Due to restrictions for money transfers from Russia and Ukraine, PeerBerry business partners are “repaying war-affected loans under the Group guarantee mechanism.”

For more details, check here.

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