Rally Commerce Partners, Swell to Empower Small Merchants, Create Easy Checkout Experiences

Rally Commerce, the headless, one-click checkout solution for digital merchants, announces a partnership with Swell in order “to give merchants better control over their business and deliver a seamless checkout experience for customers.”

Swell’s infrastructure “coupled with Rally’s checkout empowers small merchants to scale their subscription businesses.” The goal is “to decentralize the ecommerce ecosystem and make the creative commerce experience better for everyone.”

Jordan Gal, Rally CEO and Co-Founder, said:

“Swell is leading the way for merchants going headless and is taking the right approach towards partners. We are excited about our integration and love working with their team.”

One-click checkout

Rally offers “a one-click checkout allowing returned customers and any other customers already in the Rally vault to complete their purchases without the need to insert their payment and shipping information.”

All this information can be “accessed through the Swell Customers dashboard.”

Post-purchase offers

With Rally, it’s easy “to recommend additional products or services to customers after they’ve completed a purchase.” These relevant and targeted upsell opportunities “help boost your overall revenue by increasing your average order value and improving the customer experience.”

This can be easily “set up through your Rally dashboard.”

Chris Collinsworth, Chief Executive Officer at Storefront.dev, said:

“Rally’s mission of decentralizing e-commerce software “aligns with what we aim to do and what our customers are looking for. Rally allows us to launch a fully-featured headless checkout to go right alongside our clients preferred e-commerce backend and custom websites in a matter of minutes.”

Reduced checkout abandonment

Customers often “abandon their carts during checkout due to the complexity of the checkout process or unexpected fees.”

Rally claims it “offers a transparent and straightforward checkout process, providing customers with a clear understanding of the total cost of their purchase, including taxes and fees.”

Multiple payment methods

Rally offers support “for multiple payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, GPay, and many more.”

This provides flexibility “for customers and reduces the likelihood of payment-related issues. They also accept cryptocurrency payments.”

Develop with your own stack

Developers can “use the available checkout configurations to match the look and feel to that of the brand.” You can also “add or remove fields on checkout such as order notes, marketing opt-ins, and terms and conditions.”

As noted in the update, Rally is “a headless checkout solution that enables merchants to upgrade default checkout experiences to speed up the purchase process and increase conversions.”

With Rally, merchants of all sizes “can reap the benefits of checkout solutions like post-purchase upsells and 1-click checkout that reduce friction for customers, boost conversions, and increase AOV – without having to build from scratch.”

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