Web3: Aptos Network, QuickNode Address Blockchain Challenges with Scalability, Interoperability to Support Web 3.0 Adoption

Aptos Network was created by a team of over 350 developers across the globe with the goal of solving the existing problems in Web3 that have been standing in the way of mass blockchain adoption.

Aptos Network is now live on the QuickNode platform.

The team says they are ’pleased to announce the addition of Aptos Network “as QuickNode’s 21st-supported blockchain protocol.”

By adding Aptos to their ecosystem, QuickNode will “help developers on the Aptos chain move Web3 closer toward mass adoption with faster transaction speeds and lower fees than many other leading chains.”

Aptos provides developers “with a seamless user experience backed by enhanced security and interoperability.”

Aptos is “a future-proof network focused on addressing the major issues commonly faced by other protocols and the blockchain ecosystem in general.”

One of the biggest hurdles faced by Web3 technology before reaching mass adoption potential is “the viability of scalability solutions, namely high transaction fees and slow transaction speeds.” This is “a hurdle that Aptos meets head-on.”

As explained in the update, Aptos is “the Layer 1 blockchain creating a better user experience for the next digital era.”

Aptos’ breakthrough technology and programming language, Move, “are designed to evolve, improve performance and strengthen web3 safeguards.”

With Aptos’ unique programming language, Move, and its modular architecture enabling frequent and nearly-instantaneous upgrades, developers “can continuously enhance and refine their decentralized applications built on Aptos.”

The Main Benefits of Aptos Blockchain:

  • Native Integration of Move Language: The native language of Aptos blockchain is Move, a Rust-based language that helps to ensure fast and secure transaction execution. Known as “the Move Prover,” a formal verifier adds an extra layer of protection that safeguards contract invariants and behavior, which makes it more difficult for malicious players and entities to exploit potential network vulnerabilities.
  • Flexible Key Management and Hybrid Custodial Options: With Aptos, users and developers have access to a versatile data model that allows for flexible key management and hybrid custodial options. This results in enhanced transaction transparency, which provides users with a safer, more trustworthy experience while interacting with the Aptos blockchain.
  • Pipelined and Modular Transaction Processing: Transaction processing with Aptos employs a pipelined, modular approach to enable high throughput and low latency. Aptos optimizes hardware efficiency and maximizes parallel execution capabilities by concurrently executing transactions, batch storage, and ledger certification.
  • Support for Complex Transactions: Other parallel execution engines impose limitations on developers that require upfront knowledge of data read and write operations. Unlike others, Aptos doesn’t restrict transaction complexity. This flexibility allows for higher throughput and lower latency, which simplifies real-world application development and improves overall network efficiency.
  • Modular Architecture and Embedded Change Management: The modular architecture of Aptos prioritizes client flexibility, supporting frequent and nearly-instantaneous upgrades for applications built on the Aptos network. The change management protocols embedded on-chain enable rapid deployment of new technologies, making room for emerging Web3 use cases.
  • Future Scalability Initiatives: Aptos blockchain is built for the future technologies we’re only beginning to see the possibilities of utilizing. The Aptos community is continuously exploring initiatives to scale beyond individual validator performance. Aptos’ modular design and parallel execution engine enables internal sharding of a validator and its homogeneous state sharding provides the potential for horizontal throughput scalability without adding additional complexity for node operators.

The idea is “to unlock greater, before-unseen scalability and efficiency for both developers and users as the Aptos blockchain evolves.”

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