Mintos Reports Increase in Investments with Interest Earned by Investors Surging to €4.1M in Sept 2023

The month of September has shown “promising” growth on Mintos.

Total investments via Mintos saw “a significant increase to €94.9 million, and interest earned by investors climbed to €4.1 million.” This upward trend was primarily “driven by the same trend we observed in August,” explained Peteris Mikelsons, Head of Partnerships.

The average interest rate for June “stood at 12.5%, translating to an annualized average net return of 10.4% (YTD 7.7%).” The cumulative interest earned by investors on Mintos “has now reached €250.6 million, and the total assets under administration are now €599.8 million.”

Mikelsons added:

“Investments totaled €94.9 million in September – the same as in August given the number of days in each month,” further emphasizing the consistent investment levels.

The availability of Notes for investment in EUR has risen to €86 million, marking an increase from the previous month’s €80 million,” Peteris Mikelsons reported, highlighting the positive growth in available investment opportunities.

Key takeaways for investors on Mintos

  • Dual objectives in investing: The investment landscape is evolving from solely chasing financial returns to achieving a balance between financial growth and positive global impact. This dual objective encourages investors to look beyond traditional financial gains, aligning their investment strategies with sustainable and ethical practices. For investors on Mintos, this means an opportunity to diversify portfolios, minimize risks associated with environmental and social factors, and contribute to broader positive impacts, all while seeking financial returns.
  • Young investors are driving change: The surge in sustainable investing is significantly fueled by young investors, who are aligning their financial growth with sustainable and ethical practices. This demographic is setting a precedent in the investment sphere, highlighting a collective move towards sustainability. Understanding this shift and potentially adapting to it could be pivotal for investors on Mintos, as it indicates a long-term trend that’s reshaping the investment landscape.
  • Leveraging ESG for risk mitigation: The core tenets of ESG not only align with societal and environmental responsibility but also play a crucial role in risk mitigation and the creation of long-term value.

By adhering to ESG principles, investors can potentially “shield their portfolios from regulatory, reputational, and operational risks associated with environmental and social factors.”

Moreover, companies that prioritize ESG “are often seen as forward-thinking and sustainable, which can translate to long-term value.”

Therefore, understanding and integrating ESG principles “into investment strategies could serve as a prudent approach to not only align with global sustainability trends but also safeguard and enhance portfolio value over time.”

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