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Mintos Reports Total Investments Reaching €88M Worth of Notes Funded, €3.9M in Interest Earned by Investors

Mintos reports that total investments “saw €88 million worth of Notes funded, and interest earned by investors in June was €3.9 million.” The average interest rate for June on the Mintos platform “stood at 12.8%, translating to an annualized average net return of 9.8% (YTD… Read More

Investments via European Platform Mintos Saw Surge of €90.7M Worth of Notes Funded

In March, the total investments on Mintos saw “a surge of €90.7 million worth of Notes funded, with interest earned by investors amounting to €4.3 million.” This was largely “driven by a decrease in pending payments.” The average interest rate for March “was 12.6%, resulting… Read More

€2.56M in Average Daily Investment Reported by Mintos in February

In the latest Insight report, Mintos takes a look at how alternative lending has been gaining momentum. They focus on Southeast Europe (SEE), which in recent years has “seen the emergence of non-bank financial institutions offering accessible and convenient financial services.” Mintos delve into the… Read More

Mintos Reports Increased Investments in January, Monthly Investments Surpass €71M

In this month’s Mintos Insight, the team at Mintos takes a look at how major asset classes performed in 2022 and how this has “impacted growth in January 2023.” For multiple asset classes, it was a year of “record lows.” Sanctions against Russia (due to… Read More

Investors on Mintos Earned Around €2.2M in Interest in July at Average Rate of 11.8%: Report

Mintos Insight, a monthly publication that covers what’s been happening on the Mintos platform, including wider market activity, educational topics, and other updates, has been released. As mentioned in the report, the Fintech sector has already “staked its place in the finance industry, but its… Read More

Around 335,000 Loans Were Funded, Equivalent to €60.3M via Mintos

Mintos notes in its Mintos Insight update that for certain investment products, regulation happens from the get-go, but for others, they might “not fall into a regulatory framework straight away.” While sharing other key takeaways from the Mintos Insight report, the team noted that new… Read More

Mintos Reports 650,000 Loans Funded in Jan 2022, Equivalent to €128.3M, Investors Earned €3.5M+

The team at Mintos has published the latest edition of Mintos Insight, which is their monthly publication that offers an overview of what’s been going on (on their platform), including commentary from their experts, recent investor activity, educational topics, and other updates. Key insights from… Read More

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