Homey – professionally backed medical meal delivery start-up in Malaysia, launched on FundedByMe.

Homey aims to become a leading provider of therapeutic and specialised meals to patients with unique medical conditions in Malaysia.  The company recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe, which is quickly gaining traction, having surpassed 112% (overfunding) of its minimum funding goal of… Read More

Blue Whale Foundation – Utilizing Blockchain to Power Smart Cities And Champion the World’s Next Major Manpower Shift, The Sharing Economy


South Korea, 17 June 2018 – Fresh from closing USD 22 million in its initial coin offering (ICO) sale, Blue Whale Foundation (the blockchain platform building the world’s largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed) will champion the “Trends in Blockchain and the Future of… Read More

LogisticsX – Powered by Blockchain Technology to Solve Challenges in the Global Last Mile Logistics Industry


Singapore, 16 July 2018 – Singapore’s last-mile logistics start-up Park N Parcel Pte. Ltd (‘Park N Parcel”) is pleased to announce the partnership between fully-owned subsidiary PNP Logistics Network Pte. Ltd. (‘PNP Logistics Network”) and Blue Whale Foundation Pte. Ltd. (“Blue Whale”) to develop LogisticsX,… Read More

DNotes Global Inc Launches Reg. D 506 (c) Funding to Raise $5 million from Accredited Investors in a series of Three Funding Rounds


DNotes Global, Inc. announced on Thursday that its first funding round utilizing Reg. D 506 (c) to raise $5 million from accredited investors is now live. An offering statement has been filed with the SEC and a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is now available to… Read More

Personal Money Service Considers Attracting Investors to Contribute to the Company’s Development


Personal Money Service is constantly developing and expanding the base of partners and lenders. At the moment, the company is considering the opportunity to attract investors for its further development. Personal Money Service company keeps moving forward to make its services easier and more available… Read More

Hyper-Localized and Global Crypto-Bank Bitex Global Hires Five ICO Advisors

Singapore, June 19th 2018 — Bitex Global, the first locally-embedded global crypto-bank, today announced the hiring of five expert ICO advisors, Naviin Kapoor, Phillip Nunn, Nikolay Shkilev and Vladimir Nikitin, who will help Bitex Global evolve as it reaches the next phase of its development…. Read More

Singapore-based eSports Platform Bountie is Launching their ICO in April 2018 to Enable Gamers to Monetize their Hobby with Bountie Coins

Bountie , a Singaporean gaming platform that connects gamers in Asia, will be launching their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) pre-sale on 29th April 2018. Helmed by a team of passionate gamers, Bountie seeks to disrupt the current top-heavy reward scheme in the gaming industry and fill… Read More

Disrupting the Mobility Industry Through A Transparent Data Ecosystem – MVL Announces Coin Generation Event

Singapore, 4 April 2018 – MVL (pronounced “em-buh l”, Mass Vehicle Ledger) is a Singapore-based blockchain mobility ecosystem company set to revolutionise the way the mobility industry and its related services are connected by allowing for the transparent sharing of a mobility lifetime data. The… Read More

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