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American Homeowner Preservation Appoints New CEO

American Home Preservation (AHP), a company that purchases distressed mortgages and then enables smaller investors to invest in the assets, has appointed a new CEO as long time founder Jorge Newbery become Chairman of the firm. AHP has hired DeAnn O’Donovan, a former executive with… Read More

American Homeowner Preservation Hits Pause on New Investments

American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) has announced they have temporarily suspended accepting new investments. AHP is company that purchases distressed mortgages, typically at a steep discount, and then works with homeowners to find a solution to get the loans performing again. In operation since 2008, AHP… Read More

American Homeowner Preservation Acquires 799 Non-Performing Mortgages Using Reg A+

American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) 2015A+ LLC  has acquired 799 non-performing mortgages from the 3 Star Properties, LLC bankruptcy. AHP paid $2,875,000 for $43,822,832 in total debt from the bankruptcy proceedings. The mortgages are on properties located in 39 states plus Puerto Rico, with the largest… Read More

Crowdfunding and Real Estate in 2015: A Year Made From Many Sources

A look back on a momentous year in real estate crowdfunding takes its many high and notable points not just from one or two players or headlines, but rather, a whole field of them. There are many contributors — as with the structure of crowdfunding… Read More

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