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Assetz Capital Co-Founder Andrew Holgate Forms Fintech Advisory Firm Equitivo

Andrew Holgate, a co-founder of peer to peer lender Assetz Capital, has launched a Fintech consulting firm. Equitivo is said to be “Europe’s first full-service Fintech consultancy.” In a release, the firm said the consulting firm launches with “a strong UK and European client base.” Equitivo’s services… Read More

Assetz Capital Cruises Past £2 Million Funding Goal on Seedrs

Peer to peer lender Assetz Capital recently listed a a convertible offer on investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs. The financial firm was seeking a crowdfunding round of £2 million and as of today the round is fully funded and appears to be in over-funding.  The P2P… Read More

Assetz Capital Explains P2P Loan Pricing

Assetz Capital, a UK based peer to peer (P2P) lending platform, has shared their approach to pricing their loans.  Assetz has raised over £40 million since their launch back in 2013.  Assetz Capital is part of the Assetz group of property and financial services companies that… Read More

Assetz Capital Responds to Osborne’s Suggestion that Banks Release Info on Rejections

Reacting to George Osborne’s suggestion that banks may be required to release information on SMEs that they reject for finance to alternative credit suppliers, Andrew Holgate, MD of Assetz Capital, one of the UK’s fastest-growing P2P lenders, commented: “When a bank says “no” to a… Read More

Assetz Capital CEO States Nesta Predictions for P2P Lending Extremely Low

Stuart Law of Assetz Capital Declares Nesta Predictions as “Worst Case Scenario”. In a release responding to the just released Nesta predictions for the growth of alternative finance, which includes crowdfunding, Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, one of the UK’s fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending platforms,… Read More

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