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Aventus Group to Cover War-Affected Short-Term Obligations Towards PeerBerry Investors

Aventus Group is about to “fully cover” its war-affected short-term obligations towards PeerBerry investors, including accumulated interest “totaling EUR 35.13 million.” The final repayment of Aventus Group war-affected short-term obligations “will be processed on September 5.” On September 5, PeerBerry will reportedly “process the last… Read More

Vodafone “Economy of Things” Digital Asset Broker (DAB) Business Is Connecting with Web3 Service Provider Aventus

Vodafone’s ‘Economy of Things’ Digital Asset Broker (DAB) business is connecting with Aventus, which helps enterprises adopt Web3 – the new blockchain-based decentralised world wide web. The two companies will “use their collective strengths to help more businesses and strategic partners take advantage of Web3’s… Read More

Nexos Technologies, Aventus to Explore Blockchain Solutions for Digital Payments

Aventus, a Web3 solutions provider for enterprises, has partnered with Nexos Technologies, a digital payments and banking platform providing open banking and payment solutions, in order “to bring blockchain-enabled solutions to the digital banking and payments sector.” Nexos Technologies has deep domain expertise “in traditional… Read More

Aventus Gateway Introduced in Step Towards Making Blockchain Accessible for Businesses

The Aventus Network – the “full service” enterprise blockchain solution that “brings scalability, speed, lower costs and interoperability to blockchain transactions” – recently announced the launch of the Aventus Gateway API. Gateway enables businesses to easily “build blockchain applications and run live transactions on the… Read More

Digital Assets: Aventus Network AVT Token Now Listed on Crypto Exchange Gate.io

The Aventus Network – the “full service” enterprise blockchain solution that brings scalability, speed, lower costs and interoperability to blockchain transactions – has announced that its native utility token AVT has been listed on international cryptocurrency exchange, Gate.io. This is the third listing on an… Read More

Aventus Network, a Blockchain Protocol for Supporting Economical Ethereum Transactions, Introduces Governance Platform

Aventus Network, a layer-2 blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT) protocol that aims to provide scalability, speed and lower costs to Ethereum (ETH) transactions, has introduced its community governance platform, offering Aventus Token (AVT) holders with complete control over “major decisions” regarding the network and… Read More

Aventus Network, a Blockchain Protocol for Supporting Ethereum Transactions, Says Block Explorers Offer Greater Transparency

The team at Aventus Network, a layer-2 blockchain protocol that aims to bring scalability, lower costs and speed to Ethereum or ETH-powered transactions, recently explained why they think block explorers (where you can see all crypto transactions) are “the key” to creating a more transparent… Read More

Aventus Inroduces Ethereum-based Platform to Improve Ticketing Industry

London-based firm Aventus Systems, the developer of a fair and secure blockchain-powered event ticketing platform that aims to eliminate fraud, announced its latest code release Aventus Classic, which helps to create an equitable and transparent ticketing industry. The developers of the Aventus Network noted that… Read More

UK Based Blockchain Ticketing Company Aventus Systems Hires Veteran Marketing Exec Andrew Ford as CMO

Aventus Systems, a UK based Blockchain ticketing infrastructure company, has  hired Andrew Ford as their Chief Marketing Officer. Ford has a 20-year career in the B2B and B2C technology industry, having held a number of startup board advisory roles and was previously the CMO at… Read More

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