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Indiegogo Co-Founder Danae Ringelmann Reveals What Her Favorite Crowdfunding Project Is (Video)

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of global platform Indiegogo, recently sat down with Inc. to discuss which crowdfunding project is in fact her favorite. During her interview, Ringelmann stated: “You know, I’m an underdog person. I always like rooting for the underdog, the crazy ideas, the ones… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Alum Axent Wear’s Cat Ear Headphones Now Available For Pre-Ordering at Brookstone

Last week, smart lifestyle products retailer, Brookstone, announced that Indiegogo success Axent Wear’s Cat Ear Headphones is now available for pre-ordering through its website. Axent, which was created by two UC Berkeley Alums, took to the global crowdfunding platform with the headphones late last year. They are considered… Read More

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Record Breakers for 2014

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has engaged in a bit of reflection for 2014 having publishes a series of posts on their site reviewing accomplishments for the past year. Indiegogo had more than a few highly successful campaigns for 2014 and produced several record breaking projects…. Read More

Axent Wear’s Cat Ears Nears $2.5M on Indiegogo; Announces Extension on Campaign & Pricing

During the final hours of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Axent Wear’s very popular Cat Ears has continuing to remain in the spotlight and has scored $2,469,071 thanks to 15,291 backers. Now, the projects’ creators have announced exciting news about the famous campaign and headphones’ retail pricing. As… Read More

Axent Wear’s Cat Ears Nears $1.7M on Indiegogo; Shares Additional Specifications

With less than eight days until its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, 10,442 backers of Berkeley-based startup, Axent Wear, has raised $1,671,847 for its unique cat ears headphones. Now the creators, Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu are ready to share more details about the new project, including… Read More

Update: Axent Wear’s Cat Ear Headphones Nears $800,000 During First Week on Indiegogo; Offers Incentives to Backers

Just a few days after its cat ear headphones’ crowdfunding campaign hit Indiegogo, Axent Wear, which was created by two UC Berkeley alums, has not only surpassed its initial $250,000 goal, but has reached over $796,000 thanks to 5,000 backers. Now the project’s organizers are offering… Read More

UC Berkeley Alums Seeks $250,000 Through Indiegogo Campaign For Cat Ear Headphones; Reaches $247,000 First Day

Offering up a new way to listen to music, Berkeley-based startup Axent Wear launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its self-titled cat ear headphones. Seeking $250,000, the project hit nearly $247,000 by close 1,600 backers within the first 24 hours. Started by two UC Berkeley… Read More

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