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Crypto Payments: Bridge21, Bitso to Enable Cross-Border Transactions from US to Latin America

Cross-border payments company bridge21 announced its partnership with Bitso, the Financial Company powered by Crypto in Latin America, in order “to expand their support for local payments from the US, throughout Latin America.” According to a report, the overall cross-border payment market “stood at $176.5… Read More

Digital Assets: Bitso Announces Rob Harrop as CTO to Support Crypto Tech Development

Bitso —which claims to be the leading financial services company powered by crypto in Latin America with 7 million users and 1,500 institutional clients— announced the appointment of Robert Dennis Harrop as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a British specialist who has worked at… Read More

Latin America: Digital Asset Firm Bitso, Mobile Streams to Offer Sports NFTs

Bitso, the crypto-powered financial services company in Latin America with more than 7 million customers, announced its business partnership with Mobile Streams plc (MOS), the intelligence company data specialist, next-gen content specialist, and creator of Heroes NFT CLUB . Thanks to this alliance, Bitso will… Read More

LatAm based Crypto Firm Bitso Advances with ‘Test that Matters,’ Makes Initial Results Available to Public

Bitso, the crypto-powered financial services company in Latin America, today made public the progress of its “Proof that Matters” with which it “shows its solvency with cryptographic technology in all Bitcoin and Ether assets held on its platform, through the Zero-Knowledge Proof developed by Proven… Read More

Digital Asset Firm Bitso Reportedly Facilitated $3.3B+ in Institutional Crypto Transfers Between Mexico and US Last Year

Bitso, the cryptocurrency-powered financial services company in Latin America, surpassed more than $3.3 billion in transactions between the United States and Mexico in 2022 through its Crypto 4 Business service, “mainly used by remittance and payment processors.” This volume is triple the amount “processed by… Read More

Bitso Releases “Guiding Principles” for Self-Regulation, Promotion of Standard Best-Practices for LatAm Crypto Sector

Bitso, the cryptocurrency-powered financial services company in Latin America, has released the regulatory principles that “guide its operations and its strategic decisions in adherence with the highest industry standards.” At a time when the crypto industry is facing unparalleled doubt and scrutiny due to both… Read More

Latin America: Bitso First to Offer Circle’s Digital Euro

Bitso has become the first digital asset exchange to offer Circle’s Euro-based stablecoin, according to a note from the firm. This means customers may now choose to transact in either US dollars or Euros by leveraging Circle’s digital currency. Bitso offers services in various Latin… Read More

Bitso and Félix Pago Partner on Remittences from US to Mexico

Crypto platform Bitso has partnered with Félix Pago to offer a service to enable remittances from the United States to Mexico. Bitso is a leading crypto exchange in Latin America operating in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. Félix Pago is a provider of “chat remittance… Read More

Latin American Crypto Exchange Bitso Says All Funds are Safe, Plans More Metrics for Reserves

Prominent Latin American crypto exchange Bitso has posted all funds are secure during a time when some are questioning the viability of certain crypto marketplaces and counterparty risk associated with the FTX bankruptcy. Bitso said in a statement that it was going beyond proof of… Read More

Crypto Platform Bitso Launches QR Payments for Foreigners Visiting Argentina

Bitso, the cryptocurrency platform in Latin America, with more than 6 million users, “will enable users of its app from the entire region who travel to Argentina to pay for their purchases with crypto through QR, a very widespread payment method in the country.” This… Read More

Latin America: Bitso Tops 6 Million Users

Top crypto trading platform Bitso says it has surpassed 6 million users in Latin America while claiming it is in the midst of a growth spurt the fastest they have seen since its inception in 2014. Bitso states that in the past year, it has… Read More

Global Payroll Firm Via Teams Up with Latin America’s Crypto Platform Bitso

Via, a global payroll platform that helps hire and pay workers anywhere in the world in compliance with all local legal regulations, announced that it has opted for Bitso, the cryptocurrency platform in Latin America, to streamline international payments for workers using the power of… Read More

Latin America: Bitso Promotes Utilizing Crypto to Counter Inflation

Bitso, a Latin American crypto exchange reporting 5 million users, has distributed an email stating that Latam users can use crypto to counter the impact of inflation. Bitso reported that according to a study, the reasons for adopting cryptocurrencies are increasingly varied. The study highlights… Read More

Bitso Works with Africhange to Power Canada-Mexico Transfers

Top Latin American crypto exchange Bitso is collaborating with Africhange, an African-Canadian remittance platform that aims to enable payments cross-border from Canada to Mexico. According to a corporate statement, Africhange first focused on transfers between Canada and Nigeria – having processed around CAD 70 million…. Read More

Crypto Basics: Things you can do with cryptocurrency today that you probably didn’t know

When you hear “crypto,” where does your mind go? Maybe you picture wealthy tech entrepreneurs or coders working in dark basements. Maybe it makes you think of scams, hacks, memes, or even Elon Musk. These are the stereotypes that mainstream media has ingrained in many… Read More

Latam: Bitso Adds ETH to Bitso+, Enabling Users to Generate Returns

Leading Latin American crypto platform Bitso says it has added ETH to Bitso+, a yield platform that allows users to generate income on parked funds. Previously, Bitso allowed Bitcoin holders and dollar stablecoin holders to generate income but Bitso has now added ETH. Bitso+ was… Read More

Everest Teams Up with Bitso to Support Cross-Border Payments

Bitso, the cryptocurrency platform in Latin America with over 5 million users, and Everest, the “first” licensed crypto custodian offering stablecoins, announced their partnership to provide Everest users “with the ability to receive cross-border transactions from the US, Europe, and Singapore into Mexico.” The Mexico-US… Read More

Bitso Enables Payment by Crypto for Player Transfer to São Paulo FC

Bitso, a Latin American crypto exchange, has facilitated the transfer of Argentian football (soccer) player to São Paulo FC’ Bitso states that this is the first such transfer to take place with midfielder Giuliano Galoppo signing with the São Paulo club, completed with crypto, and… Read More

LatAm Digital Asset Exchange Bitso Offers Crypto Remittance Service in Colombian Markets

The Latin American digital asset exchange Bitso has introduced a cryptocurrency remittance service in Colombia. The service, which should enable individual consumers and businesses to send and receive “digital dollars,” is reportedly one of the first crypto-based remittance products offered in Colombia to date, according… Read More

Bitso Reports $1 Billion in Remittances Between the US and Mexico in First 6 Months of 2022

Bitso, a Mexico-based crypto platform that claims to be the leading platform of its kind in Latin America, says it has completed $1 billion in remittances during the first 6 months of 2022. This represents 4X the same period in 2021. Currently, Bitso claims over… Read More

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