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Crypto Bro Tyler Winklevoss Donates $1 Million in Bitcoin to Donald Trump

Tyler Winklevoss, founder of crypto platform Gemini, stated on X this week that he was supporting former President Donald Trump in his run for the White House. Winklevoss donated $1 million in Bitcoin to the Trump campaign as the “Biden Administration has openly declared war… Read More

Martin Dobelle: Engage Labs CEO Says Digital Currencies Could Become Key Part of Campaign Finance

We recently caught up with Martin Dobelle, CEO at Engage Labs, which is set to launch soon, and will be leveraging technology “to empower citizens for democratic participation in the digital age.” Engage claims it is a Public Benefit Corporation. According to Engage Labs, to… Read More

Crypto Council Survey: Voters Support Digital Assets

The Crypto Council for Innovation has distributed information gleaned from a survey that indicates US voters are supportive of digital assets, with 13% stating they hold crypto. The national survey polled 1,200 likely voters and was conducted for the Crypto Council by a bipartisan team… Read More

Overstock.com Blockchain Portfolio Company Voatz to Support Smartphone Voting for Upcoming Denver Municipal Elections

Officials from the Denver Elections Division announced on Thursday Voatz, a portfolio company of Overstock.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSTK) will partner with Tusk Philanthropies to introduce a pilot program that will allow voters to use smartphones to cast votes for the upcoming Denver municipal elections.  The… Read More

CrowdPac Campaign to Fund Susan Collins’ Future 2020 Opponent Surpasses $3.6 Million Following Kavanaugh Vote

Following her decision, which some would consider a completely disappointing vote, to support newly appointed U.S. Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdPac that is seeking funds for  Susan Collins’ opponent for the 2020 Senate elections has surpassed more than $3.6 million thanks… Read More

Crowdfunder UK: Surge in Crowdfunding Helps More Political Candidates Run in Snap Election

This week, Crowdfunder UK reported that more political candidates are excepted to crowdfund their election campaign in the snap general election. The crowdfunding platform revealed that just a little over a week since the election, projects on its website have raised £200,000 in the politics category…. Read More

Why Donald Trump Won the Presidential Election: What It Means & What We Need to Do

Many people feel deeply hurt from the outcome of the Presidential election. Here’s a kinder, simpler explanation as to why. This week, we saw a completely unexpected outcome in the Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As the punditry and chattering classes scramble… Read More

The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign: POTUS

Crowdfunding is really just another moniker for funding projects. Really. In the Internet era of Social klout and a mobile populace, technology is available to leverage social / mobile into funding for whatever the imagination can capture and sell to the virtual masses. Efficiencies have… Read More

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