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CabbageTech Founder & Crypto Trader Patrick McDonnell Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Virtual Currency Case

Patrick McDonnell (46), aka “Jason Flack,” has copped a plea of a single fraud charge in an ongoing case of cryptocurrency fraud.  McDonnell was indicted last March. McDonnell operator of CabbageTech, a company that was doing business as Coin Drop Markets, faces up to 20… Read More

Crypto Trader and CabbageTech Founder Indicted for Nine Counts of Fraud in New York

Patrick McDonnell, 46, also known as “Jason Flack,” has been charged with 9 counts of wire fraud in the State of New York. McDonnell operated CabbageTech Crop – a company that was doing business as Coin Drop Markets. A release from the US Attorney’s Office… Read More

CFTC Wins Big Court Victory in CabbageTech / Coin Drop Markets Fraud Trial Involving Virtual Currencies Including Bitcoin

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has won a big victory in a trial against Patrick K. McDonnell and CabbageTech Crop – a company that was doing business as Coin Drop Markets. McDonnel, and his company, was assessed penalties and restitution of over $1.1 million as… Read More

CFTC Gets Preliminary Order in Case Against CabbageTech / Coin Drop Markets for Fraud Regarding Trading Bitcoin & Other Virtual Currencies

CFTC States Until Congress Clarifies  Crypto, the Commission will Consider it Not Legal Tender & Continue to Treat as a Commodity. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has received a preliminary injunction order agains CabbageTech, DBA Coin Drop Markets, and Patrick McDonnell. The CFTC complaint… Read More

Happy Friday: CFTC Files Second Cryptocurrency Enforcement Action Against CabbageTech, DBA Coin Drop Markets

The CFTC Division of Enforcement Virtual Currency Task Force has been rather busy. Today, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has shared two enforcement actions filed against Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency related fraud cases. The first was against the Entrepreneurs Headquarters Limited, the second was filed against Defendants Patrick… Read More

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