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Emergence of New Unicorns Rebounded in Q4 2023 with GenAI Firms Growing at Breakneck Pace – Report

The world’s 1,229 unicorn companies, which are businesses valued at $1 billion or more, have been closely examined in an extensive update shared by CBInsights. CBInsights has looked at every billion-dollar startup around the globe and profiled the fastest-growing unicorn markets in the fast-evolving digital… Read More

AI Startups Now Increasingly Backed by Tech Giants with Fintech and Regtech Platforms Adopting the Innovation – Report

The Big Tech AI “arms race” is ongoing and picking up its pace rapidly with well over 75 AI startups that are currently backed by tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia. This, according to a new report from CBInsights. CBInsights has recently… Read More

Corporate Venture Capital backed Deals Fall as Industry Participants Shield Themselves from Volatile Tech Market – Report

Corporate venture capital-backed deals and dollars fall to multi-year lows as CVCs shield themselves from the volatile tech market, according to a report from CBInsights. CBInsights noted in its latest update that the corporate venture capital (CVC) market has constricted “amid corporate belt-tightening and subdued… Read More

Global Insurtech Funding and Deals Slide to 6-Year Lows – Research Report

Global Insurtech funding and deals slide to 6-year lows in 2023, according to an update shared by CBInsights. Insurtech startups had a “brutal” 2023, with funding and deals reaching 6-year lows — in line with the broader venture slowdown, the team at CBInsights noted. Nevertheless,… Read More

AI Startups Acquired $42.5B Across 2,500 Equity Rounds in Past Year – Report

The “explosion” of generative AI [artificial intelligence] saves the AI sector from the worst of the venture drought, according to an update from CBInsights. The CBInsights team notes that although AI venture activity slowed down in 2023, the sector — and particularly, generative AI —… Read More

Global Fintech Funding Nosedived to $39.2B in 2023, Down 50% YoY – Research Report

The Fintech sector has not been spared from the “sweeping” downturn in the venture market, according to an extensive update shared by CBInsights. In fact, in 2023, funding to fintech startups “dropped off more severely than broader venture funding,” the CBInsights report noted. Based on… Read More

Startup Accelerators Remain Relevant to Business Growth Despite Economic Slowdown, Research Report Claims

The team at CBInsights has identified some of the most successful startup accelerators like Y Combinator, Techstars, and 500 Global based on “the strength of their portfolios.” As stated in the update from CBInsights, despite the economic slowdown, startup accelerators continue to play “a crucial… Read More

Funding in Southeast Asia Continues to Decline, but Strong Valuations are Bright Spot – Report

Funding in Southeast Asia continues to decline, but strong valuations and M&A activity are bright spots, according to an update shared by CBInsights. Venture funding in Southeast Asia continued “to slide in Q3’23, falling by 24% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) to $1.6B,” the CBInsights report revealed. Deals… Read More

Latin America Report: Over 100% Increase in Quarterly Funding Secured by Private Market Venture Firms in LatAm

CBInsights has released the State of Venture in LatAm Report for Q3 2023. The comprehensive report from CBInsights includes data and analysis on dealmaking, funding, and exits by private market venture companies in Latin America. According to the update, there has been a 101% jump… Read More

Global Corporate VC-backed Funding and Deals Decline to Lowest Levels Since 2018 – Report

Global corporate venture capital-backed funding and deals drop to the lowest levels since 2018, according to an update from CBInsights. Quarterly corporate venture capital (CVC)-backed funding “has fallen 73% from its all-time high ($48.6B) just 2 years ago,” the CBInsights report revealed. In that same… Read More

Apple was the Only Big Tech Firm to Acquire a Company in Q2’23, as Ecosystem Activity Hit 18-Quarter Low – Report

Hitting their Covid lows, tech M&A deal volume dropped to its lowest level since 2020, according to a report from CBInsights. The CBInsights report also reveals that risk-off strategic acquirers are the primary drivers of “a slowdown in tech M&A activity.” The report further notes… Read More

Fintech Funding Report: Over $31B in Global Funding was Acquired by Financial Technology Initiatives During Q3 2021

A report from CBInsights reveals that $31.1B in global funding was acquired by Fintech startups during Q3 2021—which is the “second-highest quarter ever.” Despite falling around 16% when compared to the past quarter’s record levels, financing remains elevated in the Fintech venture space. This last… Read More

Biggest Quarter Ever: Global Fintech Funding Booms in Q2 as Pandemic (Hopefully) Recedes

Fintech, or financial technology, continues to capture outsized interest from venture funding. The transition from analog finance to fast-iterating digital finance is booming, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic (as the Delta variant rises). This publication believes we are still in the early innings of migrating… Read More

Fintech Funding Sets New Records in 2021 with Unicorns like Robinhood, Klarna, Checkout.com Closing Massive Mega-Rounds: Report

Fintech firms are having a banner year 2021. During Q1 2021, venture capital-backed Fintechs secured $22.8 billion, which notably makes it the largest-ever funding quarter for Fintech companies since 2018, according to data from CB Insights. Fintech funding growth has been taking place across the… Read More

Fintech Deals and Dollars Could See Decline this Year from 2019 Despite Q4 2020 Recovery: Report

Fintech-focused venture capital mega-rounds ($100 million+) reached a record high this year, according to a report from research firm CBInsights. With just a couple of weeks left in Q4 2020, the CBInsights team took an early look at the global Fintech investment trends taking place… Read More

Netherlands based Firms Made Several Important Fintech Acquistions in 2020 in Order to Diversify and Strengthen Business Operations: Report

The Fintech sector has been growing rapidly across the globe, especially following the COVID-19 outbreak which has accelerated the shift towards digital financial services. Although the Coronavirus crisis has negatively impacted certain business sectors in Europe like travel and the hospitality industry, the European Fintech… Read More

Fintech Startups are “Unbundling” Bank of America’s Front Office, as Lender’s Profits Decline 16% YoY: Report

Research firm CBInsights has released a new report titled, Unbundling Bank Of America: How The Traditional Bank Is Being Disrupted. The report looks at mortgages, Robo-advisors, trading software, and also examines how Fintech firms have been trying to “unbundle” Bank of America’s front office. According… Read More

Fintech Funding Represented by Mega $100 Million+ Rounds Up 24% in Q3 2020 to $6.4 Billion: Report

CBInsights has released a new report titled, The State Of Fintech Q3 2020: Investment and Sector Trends To Watch. The research company’s report features key data-driven insights from its emerging tech (EmTech) insights platform. The CBInsights team examines global Fintech investment trends in several different… Read More

Global Fintech Funding Declined during COVID-19, Investors Now Focused on Mature Fintechs like Robinhood and Stripe: Report

  The global Fintech industry is being transformed by the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting socio-economic problems and challenges, according to a recent report from CB Insights. As mentioned in the report, the first quarter of this year was quite difficult for the financial services sector… Read More

Brace for Impact: VC Funding of Fintechs Has Terrible Q1

This should come as no surprise but Q1 was horrible for VC-backed Fintechs as the Coronavirus pounded private capital markets and crash-landed the once robust market. According to CBInsights, the first quarter of 2020 was one of the worst quarters for Fintech funding in years…. Read More

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