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Lending as a Service: Trade Ledger Boosts Corporate Leadership with New Appointments

Trade Ledger, a lending-as-a-service platform, has announced several new appointments, as well as the formation of an advisory board as it reports rapid growth. Trade Ledger says its customer base has risen by 1/3 already this year. Trade Ledger said in a release that it… Read More

Funding Options Receives £5 Million Investment from Global Bank ING, Will Expand Internationally

Funding Options, a UK Fintech that provides a “supermarket” of financing options for SMEs, has received a £5 million investment from ING Ventures – the VC arm of the global bank. The additional capital is expected to be used for Funding Options to expand its… Read More

Funding Options Recommended for Bank Referral Scheme

Funding Options, a one-stop shop for SME finance, has been recommended for designation for the Bank Referral Scheme. Funding Options is a portfolio company of GLI Finance, an AIM listed company that controls multiple alternative finance platforms. In the Budget revealed earlier today, the Chancellor… Read More

Finance Shortfall Leaves Small UK Housebuilders in the Dust

In an allegory for the wider problem of SME funding, recent research has revealed that the UK’s small construction firms are struggling to return to the profits they achieved before the recession, while large housebuilders have already recovered beyond their pre-crunch highs. Small firms saw… Read More

Is Global Financial Regulation Putting a Stop to SME Growth in the UK?

  It’s long been known that small businesses are one of the cornerstones of a healthy economy, and in the UK, SMEs account for a staggering 99.8% of incorporated companies. Without getting into a discussion on that classification (if 99.8% are small- and medium-sized, what… Read More

How can SMEs in the North of the UK Respond to the Hidden Credit Crunch?

Overdrafts have been small businesses’ go-to source of working capital for years now — a dependable way to cover short-term cash flow issues and ride out periods of instability. But since 2011, the banks have reduced or removed business overdrafts at a rate of £5… Read More

GLI Finance Adds to Portfolio with Investment in Credit Broker Funding Options

GLI Finance has added another name to its roster of companies that it owns or has a significant stake.  GLI has invested £1.25 million in SME credit broker Funding Options for 28.9% ownership in ordinary equity plus  £0.75 million in preferred shares.  Geoff Miller, GLI… Read More

Perspective: 5 Challenges to the Progress of Peer-to-Peer Lending 

  The various forms of peer-to-peer (P2P) financing have emerged as valuable sources of funding for small companies and vehicles for investment among lenders around the world in recent years. In fact, progress in the field of late has been remarkable to say the least… Read More

For Most Firms, Old-Style Banking Isn’t Coming Back

Let’s start with what won’t happen in business lending. Politicians and pressure groups love to opine that we need a return to branch-based local ‘Bank Managers’, who knew each customer personally and made lending decisions on a firm handshake. However attractive this nostalgia, most small… Read More

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