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S&P on Fintech: FedNow Lacks Catalyst for Success, Adoption of Instant Payments Choppy

Financial research factor S&P Global Market Intelligence has distributed a report on Fintech, pointing at real time payments as an opportunity that is experiencing choppy adoption depending on the jurisdiction. S&P says that the rollout of FedNow, the US government’s effort to power instant payments… Read More

Biggest Banks See Decline in Total Assets, Including Deposits

The biggest banks in the US continue to see a decline in total assets, including deposits held at these banks. According to a report distributed by S&P Global Market Intelligence, a majority of the largest banks in the US reported a decline in total assets… Read More

Private Equity Deals Sink by 36% Year over Year: Report

Private equity deals have declined by 36% during the month of July when compared to the same month last year. This is according to S&P Global Market Intelligence which reports 828 private equity deals in July 2023 versus 1290 deals July 2022. The global economy… Read More

Largest US Banks by Assets, Deposits

S&P Global Market Intelligence has distributed a brief on traditional banks, providing a list of banks by assets as well as deposits. According to the report, a majority of the largest US banks posted increases in assets in the first quarter as failures and exited… Read More

Global Private Equity Investment at 12 Month Low

Global private equity investments hit a 12-month low, according to a report. S&P Global Market Intelligence says in April 2023, private equity “plunged,” with deal value sinking by a whopping 66.8% year over year to $27.05 billion from $81.57 billion a year ago. Private equity… Read More

S&P Outlines Banks by Percentage of Uninsured Deposits

Prior to the US government’s decision to backstop all deposits, under the management of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), bank accounts were ONLY insured up to$250,000. While this amount has not been much of a problem in the past, last week, the world changed,… Read More

Another Report Indicates that Global Venture Capital, Private Equity Deals Have Declined Versus Year Prior

The reports keep rolling in, highlighting a slowing environment for private firms. Venture capital, along with private equity activity, has been in decline for some time now – a fact that should come as no surprise to anyone. Giga high inflation and the inevitable reaction… Read More

Retreat: SPACs Decline Dramatically Versus Exhuberant Activity in 2021

SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, boomed in 2021. This year, the story is rather different. According to data compiled by S&P Global Market Intelligence, through Q3 2022, there have been 78 SPAC initial public offerings (IPOs). This compares to 444 for the nine-month period… Read More

More Gloom and Doom. S&P Says Private Equity Slump Persisting as Funding Plunges

Data points highlighting flagging markets, including private investments in early-stage firms, continue to litter our inbox. The missives should arrive as no surprise as inflation is at a multi-decade high, the US economy is in a recession (or will soon be in one), and the… Read More

FDIC Selects PeerIQ, Palantir, Others for Proposals to Accelerate Adoption of Modern Tech Tools

PeerIQ, a top online lending data and analytics operation, has been selected along with several other firms to submit proposals to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) aiming to boost the utilization of modern technology tools. PeerIQ is joined by Palantir Technologies, S&P Global Market… Read More

US Fintechs Raised $14.9 Billion in 2019: Report

We have already seen multiple Fintech funding reports for 2019. Today, S&P Global Market Intelligence is distributing their spin on the numbers targeting the US only. According to this report, Fintech companies in the US raised $14.8 billion in 2019. Of the six Fintech segments… Read More

The Monetary Authority of Singapore Announces Fintech Research Platform to Help Investors and Financial Institutions Connect to Fintechs

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has partnered with Deloitte and S&P Global Market Intelligence to develop a prototype platform for a Fintech Research Platform to help pair Fintech startups with investors and financial institutions. The goal of the platforms is to help fintechs partner… Read More

Fintech Sandbox: Celebrates One Year Anniversary

FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit that helps FinTech startups access data and build great products, today announced a series of celebrations marking its one-year anniversary. The biannual FinTech Sandbox Demo Day will be held on March 24, 2016 at Fidelity Investments headquarters. Sandbox sponsors, data partners,… Read More

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