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Daplie is Raising Seed Funding with Reg CF Offer on Wefunder

We wrote about Daplie last year when the company decided to launch a side-by-side rewards/investment offer on both Indiegogo and Wefunder. Now Daplie is back on Wefunder looking to raise additional money. The Daplie offer on Indiegogo raised $682,000 and is now using In-Demand. The… Read More

Daplie used Reg CF to Zig Instead of Zag & It Just Raised a Ton of Money

For better or for worse, most people associate Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) campaigns with startups, especially technology-related ones. I make this claim based on two factors: I co-manage a marketing agency that focuses on equity crowdfunding campaigns so I’m hyper aware of what people are… Read More

Daplie Does Side-by-Side Indiegogo / Wefunder Reg CF Crowdfunding Offer

Usually we read about Reg CF / Reg D (506c) side by side investment crowdfunding campaigns but Daplie has taken a different path by launching a rewards based offer on Indiegogo while pitching a Reg CF securities offer on Wefunder. Both campaigns are performing pretty… Read More

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