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First Milwaukee-Area Company, Philly’s Premium Beverages, Crowdfunding Under Wisconsin’s Equity Crowdfunding Law

Those near Milwaukee, Wisc., tonight will have something new to drink to: Philly’s Premium Beverages LLC, a Grafton firm that sells readymade mixed drinks in bottles and cans is the first Milwaukee-area company to seek money from investors under Wisconsin’s year-old equity “crowdfunding” law, according to Milwaukee’s Journal… Read More

MobCraft Beer Turns 52 Wisconsin Customers into Owners Through Its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on CraftFund

MobCraft Beer, an award winning Madison craft brewery, announced that it has closed one of the first intrastate equity crowdfunding campaigns in the U.S. The campaign received an initial commitment of $75,000 from 57 investors, topping the Kickstarter brewery record of $71,000. The round ultimately… Read More

Minnesota Can’t Wait on Feds for Crowdfunding Regulations as Group Forms to Push Intrastate Rules

Minnesota has joined the growing list of states that may want legalized investment crowdfunding now -and not just for accredited investors.  Recognizing that Title III is encumbered with excessive costs and a too low cap on amounts an issuer may raise,  a group called “MNvest”… Read More

CraftFund is Live with Investment Crowdfunding in Wisconsin

CraftFund is now offering investment opportunities in Wisconsin.  CraftFund has been a trailblazer in the crowdfunding space.  Management set up shop early positioning the platform to offer rewards based campaigns but anticipating the opportunity to offer investment crowdfunding once laws were rationalized.  Now with Wisconsin… Read More

Wisconsin: Businesses May Be Able to Crowdfund As Early As Next Month

Great news for entrepreneurs in Wisconsin, starting June 1st anyone in America’s Dairyland will be able to buy small amounts of stock in businesses through online portals that register through the state. This will allow business owners to easily turn to their community to raise… Read More

CraftFund Crowdfunding Platform Prepares Site for Equity Offerings

CraftFund is a niche equity crowdfunding platform focused exclusively on the craft beer and food industries. Breweries and food companies may now being building their profile pages on the CraftFund crowdfunding platform.  As CraftFund continues in their holding patter while the SEC continues to delay… Read More

Brewery Investment Crowdfunding – CraftFund

CraftFund Launches New Website  to invest in Breweries with Crowdfunding CraftFund, announced the launch of a new website that seeks to form a disruptive community of craft beer investors. The craft beer industry has experienced double digit growth the past several years during a time… Read More

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