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Wisconsin’s Crowdfunding Law is Finally in Effect

Wisconsin’s startup companies finally have another way to raising capital! A new state law, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker last year, now grants up and coming entrepreneurs rights to raise up to $1 million from state investors through online crowdfunding websites. Up to… Read More

Wisconsin: Businesses May Be Able to Crowdfund As Early As Next Month

Great news for entrepreneurs in Wisconsin, starting June 1st anyone in America’s Dairyland will be able to buy small amounts of stock in businesses through online portals that register through the state. This will allow business owners to easily turn to their community to raise… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 8, 2013

Gamasutra | Square Enix shares its publishing vision for Collective Sure, we know that Square Enix is going to be launching Collective in an effort to help indie developers find funding from the crowd. How is it going to work? Here, Gamasutra breaks it down…. Read More

UPDATED: Gov. Scott Walker Signs Wisconsin Crowdfunding Bill Into Law

Today Governor Scott Walker signed Rep. David Craig’s CASE (crowdfunding and securities exemptions) for Jobs Act (2013 Wisconsin Act 52) into law, putting Wisconsin in an innovative group of states leading the way in expanding access to small business capital. In response, Rep. Craig (R-Town… Read More

Wisconsin State Legislature Sends Crowdfunding Bill to Governor Walker

CASE or “Crowdfunding and Securities Exemptions” for Jobs Act/Crowdfunding Finds Support. Today the Wisconsin State Senate concurred with the State Assembly and sent Rep. David Craig’s CASE (crowdfunding and securities exemptions) for Jobs Act (AB 350) to Governor Scott Walker. In response to the Senate’s… Read More

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