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Orchard Shares Favorite Data Visualizations for 2014

Orchard is all about data and managing data effectively.  The platform was one of the first (if not the first) to figure out how to tap into the growing number of peer to peer lending (or marketplace lending) platforms and put their code magic to… Read More

Orchard Creates Originator Database. Research & Comparative Tool for Peer to Peer Loans.

Orchard Platform has been on the move recently.  The catalyst for the peer to peer lending industry is flexing its tech muscle once again by announcing the release of a new application giving investors more analytical power in their decision making process.  The “Orchard Originator… Read More

Orchard Platform’s CEO Matt Burton Discusses P2P Lending Market Development: Invest in Loans with Intelligence, Speed and Scale

An Interview with Orchard Platform’s CEO Matt Burton Founded in 2013, the tech company Orchard Platform enables Direct Lending originators and institutional investors to optimize and scale Direct Lending at a global level. The Orchard Platform Advisors, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Orchard Platform (Orchard… Read More

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