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House Financial Services Committee Asks the SEC to Withdraw Proposal to Redefine an Exchange, Impacting Digital Assets

In a bit of a stealth rulemaking attempt, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed new rules that would impact the definition of an exchange. The amendments regarding the definition would also impact Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs).  As the SEC deems all digital assets… Read More

SEC Re-Opens Comments on Proposed Rule that May Upend Definition of an Exchange, Could Crush DeFi

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) re-opened comments on a proposed rule during a meeting of the Commission that in many respects raised more questions than provided answers. The proposed amendments to the definition of “exchange” under Exchange Act Rule 3b-16 were initially proposed in… Read More

SEC Schedules Meeting to Potentially Extend Deadline on Changes to Definition of an Exchange

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has scheduled an open meeting for April 14, 2023, to consider reopening the comment period of the proposed changes. The SEC proposed amendments to Rule 3b-16 under the Exchange Act Regarding the Definition of “Exchange,” which could potentially impact… Read More

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