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We Need More Investor Protection in Crypto Assets, SEC Chair Gary Gensler States: “It’s best not to wait for a big spill on aisle three”

During the opening comments at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee, SEC Chair Gary Gensler once again rang the warning bell on the need for greater oversight of the fast-growing digital asset/crypto sector. Gensler stated in prepared remarks: “… with… Read More

SEC Commissioners Comment on Meme Stock Report: Is There a Problem Here?

Earlier today the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published its “meme stock” report – otherwise known as the Staff Report on Equity and Options Market Structure Conditions in Early 2021. As was covered earlier, this report addresses the Gamestop/Robinhood/Reddit odyssey where retail investors created a short… Read More

SEC Issues Report on Market Structure Including Meme Stocks: Observers Say Nothing New Here

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued its anticipated report on market structure, including the emergence of Meme stocks – like GameStop. Some observers said there was little new in the report as it towed the line of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s recent proclamations…. Read More

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Looks to Rein in Crypto Exchanges, Digital Assets and Stablecoins

Yesterday, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler testified in front of the House Committee on Financial Services sharing his perspective on the goals of the SEC and why it needs more money to fulfill its mission. As anticipated, much of the testimony swirled around digital assets and… Read More

Will We See a Bitcoin ETF This Year? Maybe…

Recently, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler voiced his opinion that a Bitcoin ETF may provide sufficient investor protection for a fund to move forward with the regulatory process. More specifically, Gensler appeared to support Bitcoin Futures ETFs – and not spot-priced funds. Gensler has long stated… Read More

In Advance of Committee Hearing, Representative McHenry Requests SEC Chairman Gensler Clarify Contradictory Statements on Digital Assets

At 12 noon today, the House Committee on Financial Services will hold a hearing with SEC Chairman Gary Gensler testifying on behalf of the Commission. The regulation of digital assets (crypto assets) will be a pointed topic of discussion as has been already indicated in… Read More

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Talking Points: “Rules mostly adopted 16 years ago do not fully reflect today’s technology”

In prepared remarks distributed prior to the House Committee on Financial Services hearing later today, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler outlined his talking points as he asks the Committee for a significant budget increase while outlining his agenda for his term at the SEC. As should… Read More

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler to Testify in Front of House Committee on Financial Services, Will Request More Funding

The House Committee on Financial Services will be holding a virtual hearing tomorrow entitled “Oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Wall Street’s Cop Is Finally Back on the Beat.” SEC Chairman Gary Gensler will traipse back to the Capitol to update the Committee on… Read More

SEC Chairman Gensler Grilled by Republicans on Senate Banking Committee, Ranking Member Toomey Supports Regulatory Clarity for Crypto

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler marched up to Capitol Hill yesterday to testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee in a hearing entitled “Oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission”.  Gensler outlined his ambitions at the SEC in his prepared remarks. While Gensler received… Read More

SEC Chairman Gensler on Crypto Asset Markets: It’s More Like the Wild West, “Rife with Fraud”

Tomorrow (September 14, 2021), SEC Chairman Gary Gensler will testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee. The hearing is a periodic meeting for the Committee and is entitled “Oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission”. In prepared testimony, Gensler focuses much attention on investor… Read More

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler to Testify Before Senate Banking Committee, Expect a Lot of Discussion on Fintech, Digital Assets

Next week, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler will testify before the US Senate Banking Committee. The routine hearing is about the “Oversight of the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission,” but you may anticipate a good amount of testimony on issues surround Fintech and,… Read More

Uniswap Under Investigation by the SEC: Report [u]

Uniswap is under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to a report by Reuters. Uniswap is a DeFi leader and is said to be the largest decentralized digital asset exchange in operation. The Uniswap protocol facilitates crypto trading by utilizing smart… Read More

SEC Requests Digital Engagement Feedback

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is requesting information and public comment on the use of digital engagement practices by broker-dealers and investment advisers. These tools include behavioral prompts, differential marketing, gamification, and other design elements or features designed to engage with retail investors on… Read More

CFTC Posts 10 Points as to How They Regulate Digital Assets: Is it a Commodity or a Security?

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has created an infographic outlining how the agency regulates digital assets. The CFTC seeks to clarify “the fallacy of the question ‘Is it a commodity or a security’.” Posted by CFTC Commissioner Dawn D. Stump, the Commissioner says the… Read More

Fintech & Blockchain Attorney Daniel Payne Comments on Looming SEC Enforcement Actions Targeting Digital Asset Sector

The enforcement drums are pounding at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when it comes to digital assets. At the top of the list are trading platforms that may be skirting established securities laws, especially when the Commission believes they are enabling the buying and… Read More

Congressman Patrick McHenry Slams SEC Chairman Gensler’s “Power Grab” in Regards to Regulating Digital Asset Exchanges

In a recent round of correspondences launched by Senator Elizabeth Warren, a noted crypto skeptic, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler responded with a request for additional authority to regulate digital asset exchanges. Gensler said that legislative priority should center on crypto trading, lending and DeFi platforms…. Read More

Over 18,000 ETH Burned Since EIP-1559 Went Live on Ethereum MainNet: Report

The latest report from EthHub, the “essential” resource for Ethereum information, curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar), notes that Ethereum Improvement Proposal or EIP-1559 is now live on the Ethereum (ETH) network. Since the major upgrade went live this past week, the… Read More

Regulation by Enforcement: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Criticizes Poloniex Enforcement Action

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, long a supporter of Fintech innovation, has issued a statement in the wake of the enforcement action taken by the Commission against Poloniex, a crypto exchange. As was reported earlier today, Poloniex has settled the SEC’s allegations of operating an unlicensed… Read More

Poloniex Hit By SEC Action, Charged with Operating Unlicensed Digital Asset Exchange. Trading Platform Settles

In what may be the first of many, the Securities and Exchange Commission has announced charges against Poloniex for operating an unregistered digital asset exchange. Poloniex has settled with the SEC by agreeing to pay a $10.4 million penalty. Poloniex settled without admitting or denying… Read More

Gensler’s Appearance Before Congress Leave DeFi Industry Wanting More

As cryptocurrency watchers let Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler’s recent appearance before the United States Congress sink in, many are sharing the opinion that he could have done so much more. On Aug. 3, Gensler asked Congress for expanded resources and a… Read More

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