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What to Expect for Marketplace Lending in 2017

Market credibility and an emphasis on better transparency will be two key factors for marketplace lending in 2017. 2017 will be a pivotal year for the marketplace lending (MPL) space as the market will seek stabilization in both confidence and venture funding, following a challenging… Read More

Report: Fintech Can Empower the Underbanked & Enable Financial Inclusion

PwC is out with a report on the fast emerging global Fintech sector. Financial Technology or Fintech is picking up velocity as regulators and government bodies are just beginning to grasp how new forms of finance are going to alter the financial landscape.  The document… Read More

PwC: Banking Execs Fear Risk Due to Fintech Innovation & Disruption

Top banking executives fear that up to a quarter of their business could be at risk from emerging fintech firms, according to research conducted by PwC.  The report notes that information on FinTech is somewhat “dispersed and obscure,” which can make data synthesizing challenging. PwC’s… Read More

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