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Blackmoon Claims to be First Company to Issue a Token Related to an IPO with Xiaomi Offer

Blackmoon is reporting its Xiaomi initial public offering (IPO) has been sold out. But this batch of shares are not being sold in the traditional manner as Blackmoon has tokenized the offering. This past week, Xiaomi completed an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange…. Read More

Blackmoon Says it has Three Investible Indices Designed to Outperform Bitcoin & Ethereum

Fintech Blackmoon says it has “solved” the crypto challenge by creating investment solutions that combine a simple strategy, returns superior to Bitcion and low fees. Today, Blackmoon has announced the launch of three different crypto indices accessible via asset tokens on the Blackmoon platform. Blackmoon… Read More

SMSCHAIN Wants to Use Blockchain to Turn Unused Text Messages into Money

SMSCHAIN has announced the launch of the blockchain based application that is said to connect everyone willing to sell their unused SMS to aggregators, providing A2P (application to person) SMS delivery services to businesses on a global decentralized platform. Andrey Insarov, CEO of SMSCHAIN, also… Read More

Report: Blackmoon Financial Said to Raise Over $9 Million in ICO Pre-sale

Blackmoon Financial Group, an online lending platform and SaaS provider, announced last month its new Blockchain based service designed to power tokenized investment funds labeled Blackmoon Crypto. The new vertical strives to be a one stop solution for asset managers  to create, and manage legally, compliant… Read More

Blackmoon Launches Blockchain-Based Platform for Tokenized Investment Funds

Blackmoon Financial Group, a Fintech firm that operates an online lending platform, has announced a Blockchain based platform to power “tokenized investment funds.” Blackmoon Crypto is described as a one stop solution for asset managers  to create, and manage legally, compliant tokenized funds. Blackmoon Crypto… Read More

Online Lender Blackmoon Partners with ID Finance to Offer Loans to Investors

ID Finance has integrated with Blackmoon and is now executing investment transactions via the Russian online lending platform. ID Finance is a data science, credit scoring and “nonbank digital lending as an application” provider. ID Finance has is currently operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland, Spain and Brazil…. Read More

What to Expect for Marketplace Lending in 2017

Market credibility and an emphasis on better transparency will be two key factors for marketplace lending in 2017. 2017 will be a pivotal year for the marketplace lending (MPL) space as the market will seek stabilization in both confidence and venture funding, following a challenging… Read More

Russian Marketplace Lending Startup Blackmoon Financial Secures $2.5 Million in Equity Funding

Blackmoon Financial Group, an online lending platform that connects balance sheet lenders with institutional investors looking to purchase new loans, announced today its latest round of funding; $2.5 million in equity capital from Target Global, A&NN Group, Flint Capital, and several private investors. Blackmoon intends to use the new round… Read More

Oleg Seydak on Blackmoon & Marketplace Lending as a Service

Blackmoon Financial Group is a newer entry into the marketplace lending sector.  Launched in 2014, Blackmoon is marketed as “marketplace lending as a service” or MLaaS. Focusing on balance sheet lenders, Blackmoon has developed technologies to provide integration with  loan originators with institutional investors. The platform… Read More

The Composite Model: A Viable Future for Online Lending

In recent weeks, marketplace lenders have hit a rough patch. Once the darlings of Wall Street, they have now come under fire, after a string of internal scandals and disappointing earnings. For the traditional banks – who have been saying, “we need to disrupt these… Read More

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