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New Craft Brewer Brewgood Seeks to Provide Clean Water to the Masses Through Indiegogo Initiative

This week, UK-based craft brewery, Brewgood, launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise £50,000 to turn its beer into clean drinking water. The company’s co-founders, Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn, revealed that they created the concept one evening while drinking a pint and discussing one of the… Read More

Six Things You Need to Know About Crowdfunding in Developing Countries

If you are an entrepreneur in emerging markets, you have probably heard a lot about crowdfunding, but wondered how it could be useful for your early-stage business. In developed markets, crowdfunding is swelling the ranks of early-stage entrepreneurs and bolstering the pipeline of enterprises that… Read More

AlliedCrowds Declares In New Report: Developing Countries Raised $37.4 Using Crowdfunding in October 2015

AlliedCrowds has published a new report about how developing countries have raised a total of $37.4 million through the crowdfunding method during the month of October. The data analysis company stated: “While equity crowdfunding currently makes up a relatively small portion of crowdfunding activity in… Read More

It’s Here: The World Bank Report On Crowdfunding

For the better part of a year we’ve been anticipating a report that was to be the product of a joint venture by thought leaders and researchers in the crowdfunding space, distributed and supported by The World Bank. That report, entitled “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the… Read More

Kangu Platform Gives Medical Services for Mom’s to Be

Crowdfunding Initiative Gives The Gift Of Life This Mother’s Day Kangu.org, a philanthropic crowdfunding platform that enables donors to crowdfund safe birth environments for pregnant women in developing countries, announced the launch of a new gift-giving feature, just in time for Mother’s Day. The tool allows… Read More

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