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Digital Assets: Canada based Blockstation to Power Jamaica Stock Exchange to Trade Crypto

The Jamaica Stock Exchange

Toronto based Blockstation has signed an agreement with the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) to provide digital currency and token trading including settlement, trading and more. Blockstation is a company that provides existing stock exchanges to transition to a blockchain based transactions. Initially known as the… Read More

AlliedCrowds Declares In New Report: Developing Countries Raised $37.4 Using Crowdfunding in October 2015


AlliedCrowds has published a new report about how developing countries have raised a total of $37.4 million through the crowdfunding method during the month of October. The data analysis company stated: “While equity crowdfunding currently makes up a relatively small portion of crowdfunding activity in… Read More

Women’s Jamaican Soccer Team Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For 2015 World Cup

Womens Jamaica Soccer 1

With training for the 2015 Women’s World Cup Soccer Tournament already underway, the ladies of the Jamacian Soccer Team have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 to get them to Canada for the qualifying rounds. According to USA Today, no Caribbean team… Read More

Crowdfunding & NASCAR: The Crowd’s Cash Filling The Gaps In Sports Sponsorship

Screen Shot 2014 03 29 at 12.40.38 PM

This past week, Reddit did something previously unthinkable yet again, and it’s thanks in part to a crowdfunding campaign. At an upcoming NASCAR race at Talladega, Josh Wise’s #98 car will don Dogecoin livery. Yes, Dogecoin… the niche cryptocurrency created by a marketing junkie and… Read More

Jamaican Bobsled Team at Sochi (Video)

Jamaican Bobsled Team at Sochi

#CoolRunnings2: The Jamaican Bobsled team that crowdfunded their way to the Olympics in Sochi did their qualifying rounds today and unfortunately did not make the final cut ending up in 30th place.  Only the top 20 advanced to the final and unfortunately it was not… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign for Jamaican Bobsled Team Closes Just Shy of $130,000

The Hottest Thing on Ice Jamaican Bobsled Team

In an attempt to aid the Jamaican Bobsled Olympic team get to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, sports fan Lincoln Wheeler innocently set up a CrowdTilt crowdfunding campaign to assist in raising the necessary $80,000.  The campaign was set to “Tilt” at $10,000 (the amount… Read More

Updated: Jamaican Bobsled Team is Going to Sochi. #CoolRunnings2 is a Go!

Team Captain Winston Watts

Well that did not take long. The crowdfunding campaign on Crowdtilt now stands over $105,000 on the goal of raising $80,000.  Dogecoin, a peer-to-peer digital currency, and their 1600 members put together a $30,000 donation which boosted the amount over the $100,000 level. “It is… Read More

Update: Jamaican Bobsled Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdtilt Now “Official”

Devon Harris

The crowdfunding campaign to fund the Jamaican bobsled team so they can make it to the Winter Olympics in Sochi has now become the official olympic campaign.  The project on CrowdTilt has a new administrator – Devon Harris who represents the bobsled team. In a… Read More

Spontaneous Crowdfunding Raises Funds for Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team

Official Photo of the Jamaican Bobsled Team

Sometimes reality is better than fiction.  In an interesting twist of events the Jamaican Bobsled team has just qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Yes – that was a movie.  Cool Runnings hit cinemas in 1993 in a film about the first Jamaican Bobsled team… Read More

Crowdfunding Site Select 6 Selected for Jamaican Project “Trash to Art”

Flag of Jamaica

Two young and driven entrepreneurs in Kingston, Jamaica, Leane Talbot (24 y.o.) and Xavier Bedasee (25 y.o.) of Island Cycle, are changing how Jamaicans view their trash, environment, and community by taking a closer look at where the island’s garbage is going and how it… Read More

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