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Global Alternative Financing Totals to Continue Rising

The use of alternative financing methods has grown during the pandemic and will continue to do so through at least 2023, data from BlockArabia.com suggests. Globally, alternative financing is expected to grow by 20 per cent to hit $8.9 billion in 2023. The bulk of… Read More

SPACs and Real Estate Crowdfunding: Berlin’s iFunded, Klickown are Partnering Investunity AG so they Can Soon be Listed

Crowdinvesting or crowdfunding for real estate has long been considered a major potential market. However, there are a number of platforms that have downsized during the past year, even some established players like Exporo. Notably, the first Germany-based firm that’s set to go public through… Read More

IOSCO: P2P Lending Drives Global Investment Crowdfunding Market Over $6 Billion

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has released a working paper entitled Crowd-funding: An Infant Industry Growing Fast. It aims to provide a macro perspective of the global “financial return” or “FR” crowdfunding space. (Can we get a standardized taxonomy?!) The main takeaway from the report… Read More

Eight Ways Equity Crowdfunding Will Change The World (Infographic)

New York-based crowdinvesting platform Return on Change provided the following infographic to Crowdfund Insider. No matter what you call it – crowdinvesting, crowdfinance, equity crowdfunding, etc. – it’s going to be big, and RoC’s infographic gives us eight reasons why, including a little bit of… Read More

Crowdfinance 2013 Coming To New York City December 17th

Crowdfinance 2013 is a crowdfunding event slated to take place on December 17th at Thomson Reuters’ Conference Center in Midtown Manhattan. The event will cover crowdfunding as a whole with a focus on the crowdinvesting models of equity- and lending-based crowdfunding. Crowdfinance 2013 will feature a… Read More

It’s Here: The World Bank Report On Crowdfunding

For the better part of a year we’ve been anticipating a report that was to be the product of a joint venture by thought leaders and researchers in the crowdfunding space, distributed and supported by The World Bank. That report, entitled “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the… Read More

Crowdinvesting > Perks-Based Crowdfunding

There are obvious reasons why folks will say that my perspective on the whole issue is skewed or even biased. However, I’m just going to lay down the facts and demonstrate why crowdinvesting is the older, more mature sibling of perks-based crowdfunding.

“Buy Me A Lamborghini” Highlights Need For Separation In Crowdfunding

Yesterday Travis Okulski at Jalopnik surfaced the story of a man that was using simple Paypal donations to try and “crowdfund” his way to a new Lamborghini, no strings attached. Funding is taking place via Paypal’s donate feature only. No crowdfunding platforms were hurt in… Read More

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