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The Twelve Months of Seedrs: Record Highlights from 2014

Seedrs just posted its “12 Months of Seedrs” on Facebook, highlighting the platform’s monthly successes in 2014.  “From broken records to crowdfunding firsts, funding everything from great startups to established publicly-traed businesses, we’re looking back at a really transformative years for Seedrs, Seedrs-funded businesses and… Read More

Dipstix Nears £300K Seedrs Goal: Virtual Garage Compares Car Repair Quotes and Books Appts

The Liverpool-based startup Dipstix enables motorists to compare quotes, link with the most highly rated mechanics and book car appointments online, saving both time and money. Vrooming to £296,590 in funding, Dipstix hopes to raise £300,000 on its Seedrs crowdfunding campaign for the 15.50% equity… Read More

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