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ioLight & The Eden Project Form a #FundedClub Collaboration

On Monday, Crowdcube announced #FundedClub members, ioLight and The Eden Project, have teamed up for a special collaboration. The equity crowdfunding platform stated: “Eden Project are enthusiastic supporters of fellow #FundedClub member ioLight and were excited by the opportunity to test the ioLight microscope. ioLight,… Read More

Moody’s Analytics Data Set to Help Investors Assess Bonds on Crowdcube

Crowdcube is now presenting investors with output from Moody’s Analytics’ private company risk model to help them assess the bond investment opportunities listed on the site. Square Pie and Vanarama are the first to display the new Probability of Default (POD) figure that represents a probability that the business issuing the… Read More

Mini-Bonds Start to Payoff: Investors Receive £93,000 in Interest from Chilango and River Cottage

The advent of min-bonds in the UK has been an interesting financial phenomena and nice option for investment crowdfunding platforms.  Investing in mini-bonds allows individuals to receive an annual return with a lower level of risk.  Crowdcube has been the leader in the mini-bond space… Read More

Update: Eden Project Mini-Bonds Fully Funds in Just 20 Hours. Zooms to £1.5 Million

The Eden Project mini-bond crowdfunding campaign launched earlier today seeking to raise a minimum amount of £1 million. That number was easily supras as investors rushed to back the non profit, indoor rainforest.   Cornwall’s biggest tourist attraction, @edenproject is now open for investment http://t.co/N58i7IZmMh#InvestAware#CapitalAtRisk… Read More

Worlds Largest “Rainforest in Captivity” Eden Project Offers Mini-Bonds on Crowdcube

Described as the worlds largest indoor rainforest, Cornwall based Eden Project, is raising capital on investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube with a £1 million mini-bond offer.  The issuer hopes to raise a top goal of £1.5 million.  The four year security will pay investors a 6%… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunder UK Launches Live Crowfunding Event from the Eden Project in Cornwall

UK’s reward-based crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder UK, is hosting an online event at the Eden Project on Friday (September 12th) between 7 – 8pm. Three crowdfunding projects, all foodie start-ups, will battle it out to gain support and funding from the crowd, both in the live audience and… Read More

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