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Getting Ready to Raise Money for Your Business in 2022

Our third year of living with Covid-19 is about to start. Given the new omicron variant, we anxiously wait to see if it causes a spike in infection, which may cause a downward turn in economic growth. What does this mean for equity fundraising in… Read More

Envestors Offers a Single Marketplace for Early Stage Investments in the UK, Leverages Independent Networks to Facilitate Online Funding

Envestors is a unique online investment platform operating in the UK that bridges the crowdfunding market with a white-label service. Envestors also operates a “private investment club” that lists offerings for sophisticated investors. Since its launch, Envestors reports over £112 million raised for early-stage ventures. To… Read More

Perspective: What Can Investors Learn From The GameStop Saga?

Social media-hyped stocks took a beating on 18th February, with shares of game retailer GameStop (NYSE:GME) closing at around $40. The share price dove from an all-time high of $483 earlier this month, ending a wild ride for amateur investors still holding their position. The… Read More

A Pivotal Year for Envestors: A Discussion with co-founder Scott Haughton

Envestors is a “Fintech company that connects investors and scale-up businesses.” Part crowdfunding platform, part angel investor network, and part software as a service. Envestors launched in 2004 as a private investor network for early-stage firms. A digital platform followed in 2013 to directly connect… Read More

British Motorsport Wheel Company Dymag Seeks Capital on SyndicateRoom

The company that invented the first carbon composite wheels for high performance vehicles, Dymag is offering shares in the company view equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom.  The small company is seeking a minimum raise of £500,000 representing 26.18% equity in the firm.  As of today £186,000… Read More

Two Angel Groups List Deals on SyndicateRoom

While some angel investor groups have been slow to adapt to the changing world of capital formation for small businesses, SyndicateRoom, a UK based equity crowdfunding platform, recently had two different angel networks turn to their platform to funding Demonstrating a growing willingness to work… Read More

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