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French Crowdfunding Laws Now in Force

  As of October 1st, new regulations and guidelines managing “financement participatif” or crowdfunding are now in force.  The ordinance was initially filed this past May and a consolidated version was published yesterday. France jumped forward earlier in 2014 led by a government Minister Fleur… Read More

France’s First Mover Advantage in Crowdfunding Legislation: A Separate Legal Status for Crowdfunding Platforms

Last February Europe, Fleur Pellerin, the former minister of SME’s & Digital Economy, introduced a first draft that outlines a separate legal status for crowdfunding platforms in France. Though France was and still is lagging within the crowdfunding industry in terms of volume and entrepreneurial… Read More

Crowdfunding Regulation Proposal in France

Recently the French government has been moving forward with “Financement Participatif” or crowdfunding by providing updated guidelines and regulations to advance the new form of capital formation for small companies.  France currently has 28 platforms active in their country (in comparison to the UK with… Read More

Fleur Pellerin Presents Reforms for French Crowdfunding Industry

French politician Fleur Pellerin, who is the minister delegate with responsibility for SME’s, innovation and digital economy, has stated the new reforms for crowdfunding will allow the nascent industry to thrive. Speaking at the Ministry of Finance, Pellerin reviewed the new regulations regarding crowdfunding or… Read More

France Works to Define Regulations on Crowdfunding

French Crowdfunding Guide Released. The government of France has released a guide to crowdfunding.  Pierre Moscovici, Minister of Economy and Finance; Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Productive Recovery, and Fleur Pellerin, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprise, have jointly announced the publication  of the Guide du… Read More

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