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Kickstarter’s Fred Benenson Set to Step Down as Vice President of Data

This week, Kickstarter’s second full-time employee and vice president of data, Fred Benenson, announced that he is stepping down from his position with the crowdfunding giant on February 19th. Benenson shared in a Medium post: “‘All or nothing’ describes Kickstarter’s unique model of fundraising —… Read More

Fred Benenson & Ben Linsay Shares Details About Kickstarter’s Analytic History

Earlier this week, Kickstarter employees Fred Benenson and Ben Linsay published a new article about the crowdfunding giant’s online data history called This is the story of analytics at Kickstarter. The duo shared: “If you’ve built a product of any size, chances are you’ve evaluated and deployed… Read More

Kickstarter Engineers Considering Publishing Post-Mortem On Hack

@konklone @xor @knowtheory it’s a complex situation that is fortunately new for us. We are working hard to respond, with hopefully more soon — Fred Benenson (@fredbenenson) February 17, 2014 Kickstarter engineer Fred Benenson was vocal on this Hacker News thread about revelations that Kickstarter… Read More

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