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Hackers Broke Into US Department of Treasury, Emails Monitored for Months – Report

Russian hackers have apparently breached defenses at the US Department of Treasury monitoring emails for months, according to a report. Treasury was not alone, according to Reuters, the US Department of Commerce reportedly issued a statement on the breach to their systems: “We have asked… Read More

Twitter Hacked, Bitcoins Pilfered, Shares Drop

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) was hacked today and the perps used prominent accounts to pilfer crypto, according to multiple reports. Apple, Uber, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Warren Buffet, and yes, even Kanye West more were said to be targets of the scam. The Tweets were… Read More

Upbit Hacked, $50 Million USD in Ethers Stolen

After suspending deposits and withdrawals and conducting “an emergency server check,” Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has notified users that it was hacked. The announcement appears as a notice on the exchange’s website: “My name is Lee Seok-Woo, CEO of Doo-Tum…At 1:06 PM on November 27,… Read More

Sorry! John McAfee Backed Crypto Wallet BitFi Says it is No Longer Unhackable

“Optimized utility, fortress-like security, and absolute ease of use.” (just kidding) BitFi has decided it is hackable. That’s a shame. In a dramatic mea culpa via Twitter yesterday,the crypto wallet issued the following statement; “As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our customers, we… Read More

Privacy Crypto ZenCash Hacked in 51% Attack

ZenCash, a privacy coin and fork of ZClassic, which is itself a fork of ZCash, a privacy coin once recommended by Edward Snowdon, has been hacked. For four hours starting around 10:30 pm Sunday, June 3rd, a hacker gained majority control over the relatively small… Read More

Verge, Bitcoin Gold and MonaCoin Hacked

Hackers have successfully executed attacks on three cyrptocurrency blockchains in the past week. Verge, Bitcoin Gold and MonaCoin were all robbed of coins in the attacks. The network of a purported privacy coin called Verge was successfully hijacked last weekend when hackers hijacked the network… Read More

MyEtherWallet Enduring Hack Now. Do Not Use

A user of the MyEtherWallet reported on Reddit about one hour ago that their wallet has been hacked for .09 ETH. The user logged into their wallet this AM and noticed that the wallet interface had an “invalid connection certificate” in the corner. The user… Read More

Popular ICO Investor Ian Balina Hacked

Popular initial coin offering (ICO) investor and YouTube influencer Ian Balina has reported on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram that he has been hacked. The hack may have been initiated during a live ICO-review broadcast Balina hosted last night on Youtube. In it, Balina responded to… Read More

Electroneum Hires Hackerone to Assist with Credible Security Threat

Electroneum, a company that recently raised $40 million in an initial coin offering (ICO), has enlisted the assistance of Hackerone following a “real, credible, security threat” to their platform. Electroneum has prominently promoted its platform as a “super Secure – unhackable offline wallet” that is… Read More

Report: Equifax Hackers Demand Bitcoin Ransom to Delete Stolen Data

Equifax, the global credit rating firm, publicly acknowledged its systems had been compromised and user information had been stolen. The data breach is one of the largest of its kind ever and stands to put millions of Equifax user information at risk. In fact, 143… Read More

Crowdfunding Site Patreon Gets Hacked. Personal Data Accessed but No Credit Card Info Taken

Patreon, a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that focuses on musicians and other content creators has been hacked. CEO and founder Jack Conte posted a notice on the site this past Wednesday that hackers had breached the site, including the database that held user data.  Fortunately, no… Read More

“Liberation Iraq Christian & Yazidi” Campaign Gets Hacked During GoFundMe Run

Last month, President of  C.Y.C.I  (The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq) and Québec resident, Steve Maman, took to crowdfunding platform GoFundMe with a mission to raise $2 million to free the Christian and Yazidi children in Iraq from the horrifying conditions they are… Read More

BitStamp Hacked. Bitcoin Exchange Claims Loss “Less Than” 19,000 BTC

In an “important message” customers, BitStamp announced it has temporarily suspended all services as it investigates a security breach where “operational wallets” were compromised.  According to the popular Bitcoin exchange, hackers stole “less than 19,000 BTC” or approximately $5 million – a sizable amount but… Read More

Brief: ClickStartMe & CrowdItForward Hacked

Two crowdfunding related sites ClickStartMe and CrowdItForward have been hacked.  The sites have been replaced with an “I Love You Isis” page. The part Arabic and part English page advocates the state of Islam and the elimination of “America and the allies of the infidels”…. Read More

Kickstarter Engineers Considering Publishing Post-Mortem On Hack

@konklone @xor @knowtheory it’s a complex situation that is fortunately new for us. We are working hard to respond, with hopefully more soon — Fred Benenson (@fredbenenson) February 17, 2014 Kickstarter engineer Fred Benenson was vocal on this Hacker News thread about revelations that Kickstarter… Read More

Kickstarter Hacked – Update

Kickstarter, a leading global rewards based crowdfunding platform, announced yesterday their platform had been attacked and user account information had been accessed.  Reportedly the information accessed did not include credit card information but did include users personal information. In a new post, Kickstarter has added… Read More

Kickstarter Hacked: Crowdfunding Giant Experiences Security Breach

Company Claims No Credit Card Information Has Been Stolen. In a note to users of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, CEO Yancy Strickler announced that unauthorized access to customer data had occurred as hackers had compromised the Kickstarter platform. The information was said to have come… Read More

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