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Brief: Credibly Debuts Extended-Term Business Expansion Loan

Direct lender, Credibly, announced on Monday that it has unveiled its first extended-term business expansion loan offering. The product reportedly features rates ranging from 9.99% to 36%, terms of 18 and 24 months, with multiple payment options. While sharing details about the offering, Glenn Goldman, CEO of Credibly,… Read More

SunTrust Leads in Providing Credibly with $70 Million Credit Facility

Direct lender Credibly has secured a $70 million credit facility to meet “enormous demand” from SMEs seeking capital. SunTrust Brank led the financing committing $50 million and AloStar joining as “first participant” with an additional $20 million. According to Credibly, the terms of the agreement… Read More

Credibly Passes $200 Million in Funding for SMEs, Partners-up With BodeTree

Credibly, an online direct lending platform has announced a new partnership with BodeTree, a cloud-based service that provides access to combined financial accounts and cash flow trends in a single location.  Simultaneously, Credibly shared it had surpassed $200 million in lending to over 4500 small… Read More

Credibly, formerly RetailCapital, Has Established Credit Facility with Three Different Banks

Credibly has signed an agreement with a syndicate of banks to help expand their loan products. Credibly is the reincarnation of RetailCapital, a company that is an emerging FinTech portal that uses big data to provide a better lending experience. Credibly is another entrant in the… Read More

RetailCapital Hires Tina Chan Reich as Chief Data Scientist

RetailCapital has announced the appointment of Tina Chan Reich as the new Chief Data Scientist and Risk Officer. RetailCapital is a new direct lending platform that utilizes data science and analytics to improve the lending process. According to the company, Reich’s responsibilities will include developing and… Read More

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