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For the First Time, External Global Factors and Not New Local Regulations were Key Drivers of Business Process Changes: Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it quite challenging for financial industry compliance officials who have had to make changes to how they monitor activities, according to a recent Nasdaq survey. Like many other professionals, they’ve had to adapt to the new remote working environment. Nasdaq’s… Read More

DTCC: Analyst says “DLT Maximalism” for Clearing Would Lead to Liquidity Crunch and Reduced Market Oversight

A Senior Analyst on Greenwich Associates’ Market Structure and Technology Team has produced a whitepaper and participated in a series of videos that challenge “DLT maximalist” claims that distributed ledger technology (DLT or “blockchain”) can effectively replace the roles played by central clearinghouses in securities settlement…. Read More

Banking Blockchain “Product Development Unable to Keep Up with Hype,” Though Optimism Remains

Consulting firm and provider of market intelligence Greenwich Associates released a report yesterday stating that financial firms doubled blockchain staff and increased blockchain budgets 67% last year, but only 14% of 200 financial institutions polled, “claim to have successfully deployed a production blockchain solution.” Interviews… Read More

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