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Will HM Treasury “Clamp Down” on EIS & Undercut Investment in Early Stage Firms?

Earlier this week, the Sunday Times reported that the UK government was examining plans to “clamp down” on the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). This program is a tax exemption that seeks to incentivize investment in early stage companies – an intrinsically risky endeavor. By providing… Read More

EY: 50% of UK Fintechs Expect Revenue to Double by Next Year

According to a census taking by EY and Innovate Finance (on behalf of HM Treasury), UK Fintech firms are quite bullish on their prospects in the coming year. The report, the 2017 UK FinTech Census, states that about half of the firms polled expect revenue… Read More

UK-Singapore Financial Dialogue Takes Place in Singapore

The United Kingdom and Singapore has held their third UK-Singapore Financial Dialogue in Singapore today (September 8).  According to information provided by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the two countries exchanged views on domestic and international financial market developments and covered a broad range of… Read More

UK Government National Investment Fund to Back UK Startups. Consultation is Currently Seeking Feedback

The UK government has proposed a  new “National Investment Fund” launched to help innovative UK start-ups become “world-leading unicorns”.  According to HM Treasury, the Fund will ostensibly fill a £4 billion funding gap between US and UK firms and boost investment into entrepreneurial firms. HM… Read More

HM Treasury Convenes Fintech Roundtable to Maintain Sector Momentum

A group of prominent Fintech firms met with City Minister, Simon Kirby, to discuss how early success in financial innovation could be maintained.  HM Treasury recognizes that London has garnered global accolades for its robust entrepreneurial environment that has created multiple disruptive Fintech firms. The… Read More

The United Kingdom is the Fintech Capital of the World

In a report published today by HM Treasury, in partnership with EY, the UK declared global domination in the world of Fintech. The UK has consistently punched above its weight-class when it has come to financial innovation.  The Brits have benefited from elected officials that… Read More

Brief: Funding for Lending Scheme Extended to Help SME Lending

As expected, the Bank of England and HM Treasury have jointly announced a one year extension of the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS).  The program, launched back in July of 2012, is designed to encourage lending to SME’s.  To date the program has failed to… Read More

UK: ISA Improvements “Dramatic” plus “A Budget for Business”

Retirement accounts can be a pretty mundane topic.  But creating an environment where people can save for their retirement is incredibly important.  Having endured punitive restrictions in the US, I can appreciate the increase in ISA limits.  The tax free limit for the “New ISA”… Read More

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, “Helping Small Business” (Infographic)

HM Treasury has published an Infographic on the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).  Described as the “Little Sister” to the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), the incredibly powerful incentive for investors to help fund small businesses is experiencing some very positive results.  Only launched in 2012,… Read More

Crowdcube Management Meets with HM Treasury, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Crowdcube Equity Crowdfunding Platform has Raised Over £12 Million to date for 64 Busineses. Crowdcube founders Luke Lang and Darren Westlake ventured off to Downing Street today to meet with British authorities to discuss the equity crowdfunding revolution and realities of today.  Representatives from HM… Read More