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Indiegogo Alum Healbe GoBe Proves the Haters Somewhat Wrong; Starts Shipping to Backers

Healbe Corporation, the creator of Healbe FLOW Technology and brands dedicated to making people’s lives happier, healthier, and easier, announce this week it has started shipping its original 100% automatic body manager, Healbe GoBe. The project hit crowdfunding giant Indiegogo in April 2014 and raised over $1 million from… Read More

Kickstarter Tightens Rules on Health Devices

Kickstarter maintains a page on their site listing prohibited items from their platform.  Apparently they recently tightened up their restrictions on health devices, apps etc.  As pointed out by MobiHealthNews, Kickstarter now prohibits anything that is “heavily regulated”.  Think health – FDA etc.   Below… Read More

Healbe GoBe Closes on Indiegogo at Over $1 Million in Crowdfunding

The Healbe GoBe closed this week on Indiegogo raising $1,084,556 from supporters.  The crowdfunding campaign or “scampaign” as it had been referred to became a hot topic of conversation as question quickly arose as to the reality of the technology the GoBe claimed to possess…. Read More

HMACS: Humble Makers Against Crowdfunding Scams

Crowdfunding suffered its latest growing pain over the Healbe GoBe, a prototype gadget that finished its funding campaign yesterday with over $1 million raised — 10 times its original goal. The GoBe’s campaign page on Indiegogo describes the device as “the first and only wearable device… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin Responds To Healbe Criticism

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin has issued a blog post tackling some of the concerns raised in the examination of the Healbe campaign. Some – including PandoDaily staff writer James Robinson – have accused the campaign of being a scam. According to Rubin, the revelations surrounding the… Read More

The Media Is Missing The Point On Crowdfunding, Indiegogo And The HealBe “Scampaign”

At this point, I’ll skip the process of reiterating HealBe’s disaster of an Indiegogo campaign in any detail. In short, HealBe launched a campaign for a device called the GoBe that promised to count calories burned during a workout by measuring glucose levels in the bloodstream…. Read More

Two Big Questions For Indiegogo And PayPal On The Heels Of HealBe’s Crowdfunding Debacle

We’ve been keeping up with PandoDaily writer James Robinson’s (pictured) digging into HealBe’s Indiegogo campaign. It turns out that Robinson’s search is now leading him toward other Indiegogo campaigns seemingly with similar issues. A recent article dives into claims made during a campaign for the TellSpec, a device… Read More

Indiegogo’s Reputation May Hinge On Outcome Of GoBe Campaign

Put simply, the significance of automatically calculating calories consumed and burned cannot be overstated. Currently, calorie databases such as MyFitnessPal require manual input, and prove laborious when calculating home-cooked meals or more exotic cuisines. While the utility of food-logging with weight loss has been supported by medical… Read More

Questions Swirl Around GoBe Campaign As Crowdfunding Approaches $750K

We reported on the GoBe last week as the campaign was crossing $300,000 on Indiegogo. The campaign seeks to fund a new activity tracker that promises some really slick functionality, including the ability to read calories burned during exercise based on glucose levels in our cells…. Read More

Fitness Tracker That Measures Calories is Over $300,000 on Indiegogo

Healbe GoBe Triples Goal of $100,000 in First Few Days of Crowdfunding Campaign. The GoBe launched their campaign on Indiegogo on March 5, 2014.  Seven days later the funding total has surpassed $321,000 with 35 days left on the campaign. Over 1790 backers have signed… Read More

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