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Indiegogo Alum Scanadu Secures $35M in Series B Financing Round

Scanadu, a health tech startup that is known for creating the “The Worlds First Medical Tricorder,”announced this week that it has raised $35 million during a series B financing round. According to TechCrunch, the round was led by Chinese investment firms Fosun International and Tencent Holdings Limited,… Read More

Kickstarter Tightens Rules on Health Devices

Kickstarter maintains a page on their site listing prohibited items from their platform.  Apparently they recently tightened up their restrictions on health devices, apps etc.  As pointed out by MobiHealthNews, Kickstarter now prohibits anything that is “heavily regulated”.  Think health – FDA etc.   Below… Read More

Indiegogo Alum Scanadu Halts & Delays Shipping For The Scout Tricorder

The Scanadu Scout made Indiegogo history after raising over $1.6 million for their medical “tricorder” device. Furthermore, the company was set to buck the prevailing crowdfunding trend by actually delivering a product on time. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Shipping of the Scout has been delayed,… Read More

Top Ten Technology Campaigns on Indiegogo

Indiegogo has experienced some pretty phenomenal success in tech crowdfunding. Their largest campaign to date  for any category – remains the Ubuntu Edge.   This next generation smartphone raised almost $13 Million but fell far short of their $32 Milllion goal.  While their crowdfunding campaign… Read More

Scanadu Raised Over $1.6 Million on Indiegogo, Now They Have Raised $10.5 Million in Series A

Medical “tri-corder” device Scanadu raised $1,664,574 on Indiegogo this past July.  Their goal of raising $100,00 was crushed as 8523 backers rushed to support the medical device and their crowdfunding campaign.  Scanadu was Indigogo’s highest grossing campaign at that time. Now with a proven success… Read More

Ubuntu Edge Surpasses Pebble Watch’s Total, Still Has A Long Way To Go

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone has surpassed the Pebble Watch‘s rewards-based crowdfunding record of $10,266,845. However, unless Canonical can find $22 million more in funding it may end up being all for naught. The campaign for the Edge is a fixed funding campaign, which means that… Read More

Indiegogo’s New Highest-Grossing Campaign: The Scanadu Scout

On June 20th I called my shot and said that the Scanadu Scout would be Indiegogo’s highest-grossing campaign ever. This after they lengthened the campaign’s timeline significantly with just such a goal in mind. Well, Scanadu has done it. The Scout is now the #1… Read More

Scanadu Scout Will Be Indiegogo’s Highest Grossing Campaign Ever

We recently reported that the Scanadu Scout was threatening to take the top spot as the biggest Indiegogo campaign of all time. We can now say with some certainty that that is going to happen. It is only a matter of time. No, seriously… it’s… Read More

Biggest Indiegogo Campaign Ever? Scanadu Scout Gets Closer

With a little over two weeks to go the Scanadu Scout has amassed almost $750,000 in funding. (If you aren’t familiar with the nifty little home health monitoring device inspired by Star Trek click here to read more.) The most funded Indiegogo campaign of all time is… Read More

Medical “Tricorder” Scanadu Blasts Past Crowdfunding Goal

Medical Tricorder Scanadu surpassed their crowdfunding goal in just 2 hours and now stands at $350,000 with 29 days left in their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The Tricorder name excites the Trekkies to no end – and it should.  While the technology is not quite… Read More

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