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Rufus Labs Returns to Indiegogo With New Protective Exoskeleton For Wrist Communicator

Indiegogo success and wearable company Rufus Labs announced today the release of the Rufus Cuff EXO, a protective exoskeleton for the Rufus Cuff wrist communicator. Attaching the EXO to the Rufus Cuff body allows the wearable device to be water submersible, impact resistant and ruggedized for… Read More

Research on Crowdfunding For Wearable Technology (Infographic)

CrowdFund Productions, a Colorado based crowdfunding and event management company, recently completed its research titled “Crowdfunding for Wearable Technology.” The industry, which includes activity tracking, health monitoring devices, smart textile, virtual reality hardware, wearable computers and hands-free communicators, already has reached billions of dollars in… Read More

Fitness Tracker That Measures Calories is Over $300,000 on Indiegogo

Healbe GoBe Triples Goal of $100,000 in First Few Days of Crowdfunding Campaign. The GoBe launched their campaign on Indiegogo on March 5, 2014.  Seven days later the funding total has surpassed $321,000 with 35 days left on the campaign. Over 1790 backers have signed… Read More

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