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Morris Gad Praises Crowdfunded Charity Efforts

Crowdfunding has become one of the new hot trends on the internet thanks to sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. These particular sites are associated with creative projects, such as raising money to make an album or to take time off of work to write a… Read More

Fundraising for Charity Using Crowdfunding

It used to be that most organizations fundraising for charity had to do so the old fashioned way, whether that be by direct (snail) mail, specific events, or in person solicitations.  These were all methods which could be very successful, but these methods were also exceptionally inefficient… Read More

Crowdfunding sites pay medical bills, raise hopes

More people are turning to crowdfunding sites to ask friends, and friends of friends, for help with medical bills, accident costs and much more. But, surprise: Strangers give, too. When Matthew Foutz helped co-found the Human Tribe Project, a crowdfunding website that helps people raise… Read More

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