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UFC’s Mark Coleman Shares Appreciation For GoFundMe Donors

Last week, Crowdfund Insider shared details about a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe that was dedicated to former UFC champion, Mark Coleman. The initiative was started by his longtime training partner and friend, Wes Sims and the funds were to help pay for medical bills that Coleman… Read More

Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk Talk Crowdfunding & Con Man With CBS

With their Con Man crowdfunding campaign continuing to be super successful on Indiegogo, former Firefly co-stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk sat down with CBS to share details about their new web series. As previously reported, show’s creator, writer, and director Tudyk shared: “It’s about the convention world. My character, Wray… Read More

Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann Talks Life Before Crowdfunding & Her Career

Taking time away from her always on-the-go schedule, co-founder of Indiegogo, Danae Ringelmann shared details about her career and life before the crowdfunding platform with Huffington Post. According to the media outlet, prior to Indiegogo, Ringelmann was a Securities Analyst at Cowen & Co. She is also a… Read More

Creator of Kickstarter’s I Am What’s Underneath Discusses Body Images & Inspiration With Bust

Taking time away from her successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, co-creators of StyleLikeU and the web series I Am What’s Underneath, Lily Mandelbaum sat down with BUST to share details about the project and today’s body image issues. As previously reported by CrowdfundInsider, I Am What’s… Read More

Top Female Filmmaker on Kickstarter Talks Crowdfunding Success

Around this time last year, filmmaker Natasha Allergri launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $600,000 for her dubbed “surreal” animated web series, Bee and PuppyCat.  Not only did the project reach the initial goal, it reached $872,133 from 18,209 backers. Now, Allergri is ready… Read More

Code.Org’s Hadi Partovi Talks Crowdfunding & Education With Indiegogo

Earlier this month, non-profit organization Code.org launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $5,000,000 for its new program called, An Hour of Code for Every Student. This will give 100 million students throughout the world an opportunity to have one hour per day of… Read More

Spike Lee Shares Details about New Film “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus”

Stepping out to introduce his new independent film “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,” director Spike Lee attended the New York’s SVA Theater in Chelsea to debut the film on Sunday during the final day of the 18th annual American Black Film Festival. Last year, Mr. Lee… Read More

Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler: We’re Planning On Sitting Out Equity Crowdfunding (Video)

CEO and co-founder of the crowdfunding giant Kickstarter Yancey Strickler may have high hopes and big plans for his platform that allows consumers the power to raise funds for projects from art to technology. Unfortunately for some, Mr. Strickler has formally confirmed the platform will… Read More

WATCH: Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 4 – Nick Meehan On Crowdfunding Lobbyists, An Exit For FundersClub, A New Michigan Bill, More

Hey, this week we got through a whole episode of Inside Crowdfunding without any major glitches! Success! Alon and I had a great conversation with Nick Meehan of The Lobby. Nick’s project piqued our interest after he was profiled in a piece for Vice. It’s… Read More

Watch: RocketHub’s Brian Meece On How He Saw Crowdfunding Evolve In The Arts Scene

Did you know Brian Meece was a mean ukelele player? RocketHub co-founder and CEO Meece sat down with AlleyWire as part of their “Where I’ve Been” series and briefly discussed how some of the fundraising techniques in the world of liberal arts helped him and… Read More

Listen: Ruth Hedges Interviewed At Crowdfunding Bootcamp In Las Vegas

The second annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp for 2013 has come and gone. Ruth Hedges was the primary organizer of the event, and she was interviewed by Doug Atkin of “From the Cloud to the Crowd” about her background and how her experience as… Read More

WATCH: Richard Swart’s Macro Take On The World Bank Report

Crack The Crowd has released part one of what is to be a three-part interview with Dr. Richard Swart, who is a partner at Crowdfund Capital Advisors and the head of the crowdfunding research program at UC Berkeley. He was instrumental in the recently released… Read More

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